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Halal Shin ramen

Halal Shin ramen

Did you know that the world’s most circulated noodle “Shin-ramen (spicy ramen)” is halal certified??
Although halal certified “Shin-ramen” could not be purchased in Japan for the longest time, it is finally here for its sales launch!!

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Why don’t you try out the product for party, emergency situation, carring and many other occasions! (fun in a group setting too!)

“Shin-ramen (spicy ramen)” made its debut on October of 1986. By successfully capturing the appetite of Koreans who love spicy food, it brought a wave of “spicy” boom on the Korean instant ramen market. It has sustained 19 consecutive years of top spot in the market share (72%) of Korean instant ramen market. The product is being exported to over 70 countries around the world, and it has a taste that is greatly catered to Japanese as well.

When referring to ramen in Korea, everyone will point to this spicy ramen since ramen that uses raw Chinese noodle is not popularized in Korea. It has a light spicy taste of perfect harmony between red pepper and beef, and the noodle has soft and smooth texture. The powder soup that includes freeze-dry shiitake mushroom, onion, and garlic possess a unique spicy flavor.

The product was greatly brought up at “JAPAN HALAL EXPO 2014” which is considered to be the biggest HALAL EXPO in Japan.
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