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Places In Japan That Is Chosen By Muslims To Visit in The Future

Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto have been regular sightseeing spots to visit by Muslim travelers in these past few years, leading to the increase of halal restaurants as well as Muslim-friendly services and prayer spaces in the areas.

The dynamic movement, especially of the young Muslim generation, expands the route that Muslim travelers eagerly want to visit in Japan in the future, despite being stuck in the crowds of big cities.

These are places in Japan that have been chosen by our Muslim sisters and brothers!


This northernmost island of Japan is the place that Muslim sisters and brothers want to visit the most! Hokkaido is extremely popular with its most beautiful powder snow and super tasty foods. Even though Hokkaido is well-known as “a snow country” with longer winter and abundance of snow, Hokkaido shows different beauty in each season!

Besides the popular capital Sapporo and the most Muslim-friendly city Asahikawa, Hakodate, Otaru, Furano, Obihiro are also worth visiting!

Halal Okhotsk shoyu ramen from the Ichikura Ramen (Asahikawa)

Snow mosque at the Asahikawa Winter Festival 2019

Muslim-friendly Travel Map


Best Foods in Sapporo

4 selection of halal restaurants in Sapporo 

Donburichaya Otaru (seafood, available prayer space)

Best Foods in Asahikawa

Ichikura Ramen (halal ramen, vegetarian ramen, halal gyoza, etc)

Shunniku Shunsai Tohachi (halal wagyu steak)

<Video> Halal restaurants in Asahikawa

Must-visit Spots

The halal travel plan in Asahikawa

Asahikawa Winter Festival with snow mosque (every February)


The next destination is Okinawa! Opposite of the Hokkaido, Okinawa is the southernmost area of Japan with a tropical climate and has a rich culture which is a bit different from the Japan main island. Its super clear blue ocean makes Okinawa known as “the resort area of Japan”.

The availability of Air Asia (from Kuala Lumpur) and JetStar (from Singapore) direct flight to Okinawa is so much convenient for our Muslim sisters and brothers to visit!

Okinawa kimono experience and the traditional attraction at the Ryukyu Mura Theme Park

Muslim-friendly Travel Map


Best Foods in Okinawa

Recommended halal eateries in Okinawa

Donburi Nantoya (inside the Naha Airport)

Must-visit Spots

Instagrammable yet historical spots, Muslim friendly services, and superb experiences in Okinawa

Muslim friendly services at Yugaf Inn Hotel


Fukuoka city in the Fukuoka Prefecture is the city with the second largest population in West Japan and 5th largest in Japan after Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. It is also well-known for its divine food culture that attracts lots of gourmet lovers from all over Japan, as well as home for a lot of Indonesian residents.

Air Asia’s direct flight from Kuala Lumpur makes it is way easier to visit Fukuoka.

Best Foods in Fukuoka

Uokura (halal wagyu beef)

Kiwamiya (halal motsunabe)


Kobe is the largest city in Hyogo Prefecture with a sophisticated landscape of the port city and stylish yet historical buildings. This port city has a touch of a mix of Western and Japanese culture in every corner. Besides, Kobe is known for Kobe beef that is extremely well-known worldwide.

Muslim-friendly Travel Map


Best Foods in Kobe

Beef Steak SAKURA (halal Kobe beef)

Teppanyaki Steak Misono (halal Kobe beef)

Best Spots in Kobe

Muslim-friendly beauty salon (hair cut, facial, etc)

Kobe mosque (the oldest mosque in Japan)

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji as the highest mountain as well as the symbol of Japan, is a must-visit! The beautiful symmetrical shape and white snow on the top will make you can’t wait to take a lot of photos! Most of the Muslim travelers visit the Kawaguchi Lake in the Yamanashi Prefecture, to enjoy the great view of Mount Fuji as well as the lake itself. Moreover, you also can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji while having fun shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlet in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Muslim-friendly Travel Map


Best Foods Nearby

【Shizuoka】Kintokitei (halal wagyu, kamameshi, etc)

【Shizuoka】Sushi-dokoro Yamashichi

【Shizuoka】Asmarasa (authentic Indonesian food)

【Yamanashi】Halal restaurants in Yamanashi Prefecture/Kawaguchi Lake

Best Spots

【Shizuoka】Gotemba Premium Outlets, Toki no Sumika , etc


Hiroshima has fascinating sightseeing spots such as Itsukushima shrine, and historical Atomic Bomb Dome that is recognized as world heritage, and Hiroshima Castle, known with its Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. Besides, it is also rich with natural beauty, from mountains and sea to valleys and basins.

Muslim-friendly Travel Map


Best Foods in Hiroshima

Teppanyaki MeiMei (Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki)

Zicon (halal okonomiyaki, deep-fried oysters, halal wagyu)

Yamaichibekkan (anago, oyster)

Origami JAPAN (Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki)