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From Genghis Khan and Local Ramen To Fresh Salmon

Writer: Dwinda Nafisah (

My Japanese friend told me that when you are in Sapporo, you have to try three things: Genghis Khan, ramen, and salmon. Alhamdulillah, Halal Gourmet application from Halal Media Japan shows me the most convenient way to accomplish these three-things-to-eat-in-Sapporo in Muslim a friendly way.

Sapporo is one of the heavens for food hunters in Hokkaido. Surprisingly, this city has plenty of choices of Muslim-friendly restaurants. Thanks to the rising number of Muslim tourists from Southeast Asia, especially Malaysians, who encourage local restaurants to serve barrier-free food in Sapporo for Muslims. Check the list of Muslim-friendly restaurants in Sapporo below that worth a try!

1. Kirin Beer Garden(Closed)

Kirin Beer Garden

Although it is written, “Kirin Beer” on the name of the restaurant which is one of a brand of Japanese alcohol, yes, it serves Muslim friendly food for us. All of the Genghis Khan in this restaurant is halal and you don’t need a special reservation. Genghis Khan is a lamb dish that is very popular in Sapporo. The Genghis Khan used in Kirin Beer Garden is halal and imported from Australia. They also have original Genghis Khan Sauce, however, the waiter told me that they are not sure if the sauce is halal, so we enjoy only the grilled Genghis Khan lamb with salt and pepper. It is very juicy and didn’t smell like other lamb dishes. Order a plate of Japanese mixed mushrooms to enrich the flavor. Don’t worry about the beverages, they also have non-alcohol drinks, such as oolong tea.

Genghis Khan

Kirin Beer Garden Nakajima Park

Address 1-1-60, Minami, 10Jo-nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
OPEN 11:30-22:00
Halal Gourmet Japan

2. Farm To Table TERRA(Closed)

farm to table terra

Farm To Table TERRA located just right in front of Kirin Beer Garden and inside MyStays Premier Sapporo Park. Its fancy interior attracts me to have a chill time in this terrace-garden style restaurant. Most of the meals are western food and using local-grown ingredients. “Muslim friendly” labels are on the menu to notice the menu for Muslims. Try its Japanese beef cheeseburger! The beef is very juicy and the melted cheese is very yummy! This restaurant is also suitable for vegetarians since they serve soy meat and vegetable burger. Before leaving, take a bite of halal dessert in Terra to give sweetness in your mouth.


Farm to Table Terra

Address 2-2-10, Minami9-jonishi, Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
OPEN Breakfast 7:00-10:00
Lunch 11:30-14:00
Dinner 18:00-22:00
Halal Gourmet Japan

3. Horyu Ramen

There is a Ramen Alley (Ramen Yokocho) in the entertainment area of Sapporo, Susukino. It is famous for its nostalgic ramen alley atmosphere in Sapporo. Although there is no halal ramen in the alley, you can find the halal ramen shop just a 5-minute walk from there. Horyu Ramen has a long history serving ramen for Sapporo residents since 1957. When I came inside the shop and asking for halal ramen, the staff gave a special menu for Muslim and prepare chopsticks and sauce in the green mark, the mark for halal food only in the restaurant. The Genghis Khan Miso Ramen is must-try ramen in Horyu Ramen! The big bowl of miso ramen served with vegetables and slices of Genghis Khan. Sip the ramen soup and you can find the umami flavor of the miso. This ramen shop is popular not only for Muslim tourists but also for Japanese. If you are coming to this ramen shop during lunch or dinner time, be ready to see people queueing in front of this tiny shop! Good news for people who trip with babies: they have a baby chair for kids 🙂


Horyu Ramen

Address 4 Chome Minami 5 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
OPEN 10:30-21:30
Halal Gourmet Japan

4. Fukunoki Ramen

nice shot

Looking for halal and healthy ramen in Sapporo? Come to Fukunoki Ramen! Each bowl of ramen consists of 3-4 tomatoes which are rich in lycopene that good to heal your body from fatigue. You also can change the noodle with potato noodles with a 100 yen extra charge. The friendly owner of Fukunoki Ramen, Kana-san, told me that she dislikes pork and alcohol, so it is not a big deal for her to serve Muslim friendly ramen. “I only serve the food that I love to eat,” she said. All of the chicken used in their menu is also halal certified. I ordered Tantanmen noodle (minced chicken noodle in tomato soup with spicy sesame flavor) and it tastes so tasty! The soup is very thick and rich in flavor so it makes me want to enjoy the soup until the last drops. For seafood lovers, you can try the river crab and shrimp ramen.

eating ramen

5. Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan

Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan

Address Hokuren Bldg 1F, Nishi 1-chome kita 4-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
OPEN [Lunch] 11:30-15:00 [Dinner] 17:00-21:00
Halal Gourmet Japan


6. Donburichaya (Otaru)

Otaru which sits at a 30-min ride by train from Sapporo is a tourist spot that is famous for its canal and old warehouse building which is now transformed into shops and restaurants. It is known as the entrance of Hokkaido in the 20th century.

There is a halal seafood restaurant in Otaru, “Donburichaya” to get a quick seafood lunch. Try the Salmon Donburi and enjoy the fresh salmon melts in your mouth.


Not a fan of raw seafood? Don’t worry! There is some cooked menu, such as grilled salmon donburi, seafood mix steak donburi, and tuna teriyaki donburi, or even a halal lamb BBQ donburi!

Address 3-24, Sakaimachi, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
OPEN 10:30-20:30
Halal Gourmet Japan