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Chabuya Curry Hall Launches a Luxurious Halal-Certified Beef Cutlet Curry!

Kagoshima’s renowned spice curry restaurant, Chabuya Curry Hall has announced the exciting launch of their newly revamped beef cutlet spice curry. Starting June 23, 2024, customers can enjoy the exquisite “Kiwami Katsu” spice curry, featuring premium domestic herb-fed beef, which is the only halal eatery offering beef cutlet (per our research)!

Kiwami Katsu Curry (using Japanese domestic halal beef), 3,200 yen tax in.

Kiwami Katsu Spice Curry

The “Kiwami Katsu” is made from carefully selected domestic herb-fed beef, raised on a diet rich in herbs and vitamin E. This luxurious beef cutlet boasts exceptional texture and flavor, wrapped in a meticulously crafted coating and fried to perfection.

The combination of high-quality beef from Kyushu and Chabuya Curry Hall’s unique spice curry, which includes Japanese broth and sauce, offers an unparalleled culinary experience.

Notably, the domestic herb-fed beef used in the “Kiwami Katsu” is Halal-certified, and supplied by halal beef supplier, Zenkai Meat Corporation. This ensures that the dish, prepared without any alcohol, is safe and enjoyable for Muslim customers.

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Chabuya Curry Hall is delighted to offer the deliciousness of domestic beef to both local Muslims in Kagoshima and visiting Muslim tourists, warmly welcome everyone to come and experience this unique and flavorful dish.

More About Chabuya Curry Hall

Address 2-53-13 Arata, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 〒890-0054
TEL 050-5262-8582
Opening Hour 11:00〜15:00 (close on Tuesday)
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