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Savor Halal Meals Perfect for Both Adults and Children

Finding a Muslim-friendly izakaya-style restaurant in Tokyo can be a challenge, but Issho Ueno stands out as a shining star of halal dining.

Located in Ueno, Tokyo, Issho offers a unique experience where all foods served are halal (except for gyoza) and enjoyed by both Muslim and Japanese customers.

This inclusive approach makes Issho a model of Muslim-friendly service in Japan.

Weekend Halal Lunch Sets

Halal charcoal-grilled beef lunch set (2,590 yen)

We visited Issho for lunch. For your information, Issho is only open for lunch on weekends, while they are open for dinner on weekdays.

The menu features a variety of halal lunch sets, including tender and soft charcoal-grilled beef, crispy tempura, and flavorful motsunabe. Each set comes with salad and rice, with the motsunabe set offering a choice between white rice or noodles.

Plus, there’s good news: free rice refills are available during lunchtime!

Halal motsunabe lunch set (1,900 yen)

For those seeking a spicier twist on Kyushu soul food, Meat Miso Hakata Motsuyaki is the perfect choice. Served on a hot plate, this dish features a generous portion of stir-fried vegetables and chewy halal motsu (intestines) coated in a rich, homemade miso paste sauce. Enhance your dining experience with Issho by savoring this flavorful creation.

Meat Miso Hakata Motsuyaki (1,690 yen)

Private Dining for Families and Business

Issho’s dining experience is enhanced by its private rooms, providing a secure and intimate setting for families and business gatherings.

Issho’s private rooms, cater from small group to slightly large group

The presence of chili powder and halal soy sauce on every table ensures that you can customize your meal to your taste.

Kid-Friendly Options

If you’re dining with children and unsure of what they might enjoy, we recommend chicken ramen, corn tempura, and karaage!

The chicken ramen has a mild taste that’s not too rich, perfect for children. The soft and slurpy noodles are easy for kids to eat. Corn tempura highlights the natural sweetness of the corn with a crispy texture that kids will love. Lastly, the karaage (fried chicken) offers a crunchy outside and juicy inside, making it a hit with everyone.

Chicken ramen (890 yen)

Corn tempura (690 yen)

Chicken karaage (790 yen)

Issho Ueno provides a welcoming and inclusive dining experience for all. With its halal menu and private dining rooms, it’s an ideal spot for families and business diners alike. The restaurant also is a perfect option for those who are willing to try the premium halal Kobe beef!

Halal Kobe Beef menu

Whether you’re enjoying their weekend lunch sets or treating your children to delicious and kid-friendly dishes, Issho ensures a memorable meal for everyone.

Visit Issho Ueno to enjoy a unique halal dining experience that bridges cultures and satisfies taste buds!

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