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Zenkai Meat Corporation in Kumamoto Prefecture Reopens with Halal-Certified Crossbred and Wagyu Beef Products

Zenkai Meat Corporation, operating in the meat processing industry in Kumamoto Prefecture’s Kuma District, revealed its triumphant return to full-scale operations after overcoming the devastating floods of July 2020.

The company, specializing in slaughtering and processing cattle according to Islamic law, proudly declared the reacquisition of its Halal certification in January 2024, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Zenkai Meat Corporation is a rare entity in Japan adhering to Islamic principles in livestock slaughter and processing and was a key supplier to numerous Halal-compliant eateries and retail outlets across the country before the flood disaster.

Moreover, it boasted a global presence through meat exports, renowned for its superior quality and exceptional taste. The anticipation for the resumption of operations was palpable among consumers and clients, fueled by the company’s reputation for excellence.

With the relocation to higher ground and the completion of construction, Zenkai Meat seized this opportune moment to relaunch its operations with renewed vigor.

For inquiries regarding procurement prices, specific cuts, or processing requests, interested parties are encouraged to contact Zenkai Meat Corporation through the provided channels:


Company Name Zenkai Meat Corporation
Address 2180-1 Kincho, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture 868-0301
TEL 0966-38-1500
PIC of halal-related inquiry Miyazaki Keiji
Halal-certification data Click here