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Discover the Story Behind Sun Foods’ Vegan-Friendly Culinary Delight

In the heart of Hiroshima, a culinary delight has been quietly winning hearts for over a century. Mitsuwa Sauce, crafted by Sun Foods Corporation since its inception in 1916, has become a beloved local staple for its rich flavor and traditional recipe.

With its flavorful taste deeply cherished by locals, Mitsuwa Sauce has gained attention, especially after appearing in a social media post on September 29, 2021, featuring Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Mitsuwa Sauce maintains its traditional recipe and meticulous production process, offering a rich yet refreshing flavor profile. It enhances various dishes, including okonomiyaki, adding depth to culinary experiences.

But what sets this sauce apart is its taste and recent surge in popularity as a vegan-friendly option. Despite being rooted in age-old recipes, Mitsuwa Sauce has never contained animal-derived ingredients. This commitment to tradition without compromise has earned it the label “Vegan Friendly.”

Vegan-Friendly Mitsuwa Sauce

Unveil Vegan-Friendly Sauce

In a recent interview with us, the reasoning behind this label was unveiled.

Sun Foods, the company behind Mitsuwa Sauce, explained that when faced with inquiries about animal ingredients during international dealings, they proudly confirmed their long-standing vegan recipe. While they haven’t pursued re-certification, the ingredients remain unchanged, allowing them to confidently label their products as “Vegan Friendly”.

Concerns about ingredients extend beyond what’s in the bottle, Sun Foods ensures that even the sugar used in their sauce is free from bone char, a common concern in vegan circles. Additionally, while their in-house production maintains strict vegan standards, occasional OEM productions involving animal ingredients undergo thorough cleaning processes to prevent contamination.

Find The Vegan Delight Mitsuwa Sauce

For those eager to experience Mitsuwa Sauce firsthand, it’s available at various locations in Hiroshima Prefecture such as Hiroshima Station, Hiroshima Airport, Izumi, Max Value, Wants, etc, and TAU Hiroshima Brand Shop in Tokyo. Online purchases can be made from the official Mitsuwa Sauce website.

Vegan-Friendly label on each product

Sun Foods corporation headquarters

In closing, SunFoods expresses gratitude for the global spread of okonomiyaki and the role Mitsuwa Sauce plays in it. With a commitment to tradition and inclusivity, Mitsuwa Sauce continues to delight palates worldwide, welcoming all to savor its timeless flavors.