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Exploring Global Perspectives and Cultural Exchange Through Open Lectures

In a bid to promote cultural diversity and foster an understanding of global food trends, Hokkaido Food Diversity Company and Food Diversity Inc. gave a speech at the open lectures for students at Asahikawa Meisei High School on January 25th, 2024.

Open lecture about food diversity

The open lectures aimed to introduce the concept of Food Diversity, a relatively new trend in the Japanese market, to the students. Hokkaido Food Diversity’s Megumi Sakurai encouraged students to consider the importance of embracing diverse culinary traditions for a more inclusive and prosperous future through the session.

Mrs. Sakurai from Hokkaido Food Diversity

One highlight of the lectures was the discussion surrounding the upcoming Asahikawa snow festival. Students were invited to participate in building a snow mosque, aiming to create a spectacle that would captivate Muslims visiting the festival for years to come.

Snow mosque in Asahikawa Winter Festival. The mosque will show up in 2024 festival!

A particularly insightful segment of the lectures featured a guest speaker from the Muslim staff of Food Diversity Inc., Nazaya Zulaikha, who shared perspectives on how Japan is perceived by international communities, particularly from a Muslim standpoint.

Nazaya from Food Diversity Inc.

Nazaya highlighted aspects of Japanese culture that are appreciated by Muslims, as well as areas where cultural understanding could be improved. Insights into Islamic culture in Indonesia further broadened students’ awareness of international perspectives.

Throughout the lectures, students demonstrated keen interest and engagement, actively participating in discussions and posing thought-provoking questions. The session concluded with students expressing enthusiasm for further exploration of global trends and cultural exchange.

The open lectures at Asahikawa Meisei High School served as a valuable platform for promoting diversity, encouraging students to embrace cultural differences, and fostering a more inclusive society. Initiatives like these play a crucial role in preparing the younger generation for an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

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