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An Array of Muslim-Friendly Foods from Kumamoto and Kagoshima

When planning a visit to Japan, beyond the cute souvenirs and captivating goods, you should never overlook the country’s exquisite cuisine!

Our journey through Kumamoto and Kagoshima in the Kyushu area unveiled a treasure trove of delectable Muslim-friendly foods infused with local flavors. Here are some highlights.

Pure Soy Milk from GankoTofu

Nestled in the serene Sagara Village of Kuma District in Kumamoto Prefecture, GankoTofu is a standout tofu-based product manufacturer. Their rich soy milk and soy-based moist chiffon cake are must-tries.

The soy milk, naturally sweet and rich, offers a distinct taste that sets it apart. The chiffon cake boasts a soft and light texture, perfect for a delightful treat. Both products are refrigerated, so remember to bring a freezer bag.

Gankotofu’s rich soy milk

Moist chiffon cake

The soy milk, available in a 500 cc pouch, is priced at 270 yen, tax included while the chiffon cake comes at 220 yen (plain) and 270 yen (matcha).

GankoTofu Online Shop
GankoTofu Shops on Google Maps

They also have an exclusive vending machine! (Check their Instagram for more info)


45 min bus train from Hitoyoshi Station

Pure Amazake in Hitoyoshi City

In Hitoyoshi City, at Hassenba and Hitoyoshi Craft Park Ishino Koen (TripAdvisor), we discovered a delightful amazake made purely from malted rice (kome koji) and mochi rice.

Rice Amazake

This amazake, with its remaining rice grains adding texture and pleasant sweetness, is easy to drink and comes in a 400 g pouch for about 508 yen, tax included. It’s a perfect treat for kids and expectant mothers alike.

Access (Hassenba)

2 min walk from the bus stop “Kumagawa Kudari Hassenjo Mae”
Hassenba Hitoyoshi Kumagawa on Google Maps

Access (Craft Park Ishino Koen)

5 min walk from the bus stop “Ishino Koen-mae”
Hitoyoshi Craft Park Ishino Koen on Google Maps

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Dried Sweet Potato “Hoshi Imo”

Kagoshima takes dried sweet potato to a new level! Unlike the thin and crispy versions you might expect, Kagoshima’s dried sweet potato is thickly sliced and moist, offering a naturally sweet flavor without any added sugar. The only ingredient is sweet potato, making it a healthy and delicious snack.

We found it at Kagoshima Airport souvenir shops. A 150 g package is available for 1,188 yen, tax included.

Explore Kyushu’s Muslim-Friendly Food Scene

Kyushu’s Kumamoto and Kagoshima offer a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Muslim-friendly foods.

Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these halal delights are sure to enrich your culinary journey. From rich soy milk to pure amazake and naturally sweet dried sweet potatoes, Kyushu has something for everyone.

Embark on your foodie adventure in Kyushu and discover the flavors that make this region a must-visit for Muslim travelers.

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