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Discover the Charms of Japan’s Southern Heartland (with Halal Accommodations, Halal Meals, and Cultural Experiences!)

For Muslims worldwide who are intrigued by Japan and seek to venture beyond the bustling cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto Prefecture offers a delightful and Muslim-friendly travel experience.

With its halal-certified accommodation, delectable halal meals, cultural experiences, and scenic countryside, Hitoyoshi City presents an enticing destination to immerse yourself in Japanese traditions and natural beauty.

Halal-Certified Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato

One of the highlights of visiting Hitoyoshi City is the halal-certified Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato. This traditional Japanese inn that combines the essence of a modern hotel, offers Muslim travelers a comfortable and authentic stay while adhering to halal requirements.

Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato

With stunning views of the surrounding nature and the famous Kuma River, Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato provides a serene retreat where guests can experience the warmth of Japanese hospitality without compromising their dietary needs.

Booking Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato

Outdoor bath in the private room

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Halal Meals

At Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato, Muslim guests can savor delicious halal meals prepared with meticulous care. The culinary team ensures that all ingredients used in the preparation are halal-certified (or halal-friendly), allowing guests to indulge in a wide variety of Japanese cuisine.

For dinner, you can enjoy halal kaiseki, a Japanese-style course menu featuring marbled halal wagyu!

Enjoying halal wagyu for dinner

The meat’s halal certification

At lunchtime, treat yourself to the delectable halal eel rice bowl. You have the option to savor it as is or, for an additional delightful twist, transfer a portion into a separate bowl and add a generous serving of the accompanying dashi. This alternative approach enhances the meal, providing you with yet another delightful way to enjoy the flavors.

*The eel rice bowl is also available upon reservation for guests who are not staying at the hotel.

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Halal eel rice bowl for lunch

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In addition, there is a shop that specializes in tofu and caters to the Muslim community by offering tofu-patty burgers known as Gankotofu. These tofu burgers are available in two delightful flavors: teriyaki sauce and amazu (sweet vinegar) sauce. What sets them apart is the incorporation of a Japanese traditional home dish called kimpira, which adds a distinct and exceptional touch to the burgers.

*Kimpira is a flavorful stir-fry dish typically made with root vegetables like carrots and burdock, commonly seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, and sesame oil. Kimpira used in the tofu burger is made with halal-friendly (alcohol-free) seasonings.

Cultural Experiences

In addition to its halal-friendly accommodations and meals, Hitoyoshi City also offers a variety of cultural experiences that are perfect for Muslim travelers. Here are a few of the highlights.

Hanatebako Painting Experience

This traditional craft involves painting intricate patterns on small wooden boxes, creating unique and personalized souvenirs. Skilled artisans guide participants through the process, teaching them the techniques and significance behind this art form.

Hanatebako painting experience

The Hanatebako painting experience not only allows visitors to express their creativity but also provides a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and craftsmanship.
Hanatebako experience is available at Craft Park Ishino-Koen for 1,500 yen per person. The painting experience can be done in 60 to 90 minutes.

Kimono Experience

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Japanese tradition by trying on a beautiful kimono. In Hitoyoshi City, you can enjoy a kimono experience where professional staff will dress you in exquisite garments, complete with accessories.

Experience the sensation of stepping back in time while capturing memorable photographs inside Ayunosato. The kimono experience is a delightful way to appreciate Japan’s rich cultural heritage and feel like a true local.

You can book a kimono experience at Ayunosato, starting from 5,000 yen/person including Japanese tea experience.

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Wagashi Decorating Experience

Discover the art of wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery, through a hands-on decorating experience. Skilled wagashi masters will guide you in crafting intricate designs using colorful ingredients made completely natural.

Not only will you learn the techniques of this delicate art form, but you’ll also have the chance to savor your creations. This delightful experience allows you to explore the world of Japanese sweets and develop a deeper appreciation for their craftsmanship.

Japanese Tea Tasting

Unwind and savor the tranquil atmosphere of Hitoyoshi City by participating in a Japanese tea-tasting session. Experience the refined art of tea preparation, known as the tea ceremony, guided by knowledgeable tea masters. Sample different varieties of tea, while learning about their origins, brewing methods, and cultural significance.

The Japanese tea tasting is a serene and educational experience that embodies the harmony and simplicity of Japanese culture.

Hitoyoshi City is a Muslim-friendly travel destination that offers a unique and authentic Japanese experience. With its halal-certified accommodations, delicious halal meals, and engaging cultural activities, Hitoyoshi City is the perfect place to explore the beauty of Japan and learn about its rich culture.

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