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How Muslim Students See Muslim-Friendly Services in Japan Through Internship Program

Today we talk to Dayang and Dalilah, two students from Universiti Putra Malaysia about their experience in embarking on an internship adventure at Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato in Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto Prefecture.

With a focus on catering to Muslims in Southeast Asia, including those interested in internship or work opportunities in Japan, we explore the unique Muslim-friendly services and warm hospitality they encountered in this captivating city.

Interning at Ayunosato

As the final semester of their university education approached, Dayang and Dalilah sought valuable internship experience that would propel their careers forward.

Through the guidance of their university, they found themselves selected for an internship at Ayunosato in Hitoyoshi City, a remarkable establishment that is the only halal-certified accommodation in the area. This opportunity allowed them to gain invaluable experience delivering Muslim-friendly services in Japan.

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Hitoyoshi City captivated Dayang and Dalilah with its abundant natural beauty and warm-hearted residents. While they brought along some food from Malaysia, they also challenged culinary explorations at local supermarkets, diligently searching for Muslim-friendly options based on the ingredients listed on the packaging.Dayan and Dalilah introduce Muslim friendly tofu burger

Despite being a city where Muslims are a rarity, the locals of Hitoyoshi welcomed them with open arms, showering them with greetings and smiles at every turn, even during their morning jogs.

Broadening Perspectives About Muslim-Friendly Services in Japan

Through their internship at Ayunosato, Dayang, and Dalilah gained a broader understanding of the needs of Muslim travelers and the availability of Muslim-friendly services in Japan. This experience proved enlightening, particularly in a country where Muslims are a minority.

Their time in Japan has given them a fresh perspective on what it means to be Muslim-friendly in countries with Muslim minorities. Moreover, Japan’s exceptional hospitality has left an indelible mark on their hearts, making it a highly sought-after travel destination for Muslims worldwide.

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Dayang and Dalilah’s internship at Ryokan & Hotel Ayunosato in Hitoyoshi City, Japan, introduces a glimpse into the world of Muslim-friendly services and work opportunities for aspiring individuals from Southeast Asia. As Muslims continue to explore Japan as a potential destination for internships and employment, experiences like Dayang and Dalilah’s pave the way for a stronger connection between these two cultures.

With its halal-certified accommodation and warm hospitality, Japan becomes a country that Muslims yearn to visit and embrace wholeheartedly.

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