Unlock the Full Winter Experience with These 5 Essential Tips!

Winter in Japan transforms the picturesque landscapes that are loved by tourists visiting the country.  For those embarking on their first winter journey in this enchanting country, mastering the art of enjoying the season is crucial.

Here are five essential tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of your winter escapade in Japan.

1. Dress the Part

First and foremost, dressing appropriately for the winter weather is paramount. If your itinerary includes visits to snowy areas, ensure you are equipped with a down jacket and slip-resistant boots. This simple preparation will not only keep you warm but also enhance your overall winter experience.

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This is the clothes reference for each temperature.

30° and up: short-sleeve (+cover-up when in indoor)
25° and up: short-sleeve shirt
25° and less: long-sleeve shirt
20° and less: cardigan
16° and less: sweater
12° and less: trench coat
8° and less: winter coat
5° and less: down coat


2. Dive into Winter Sports

Take advantage of Japan’s winter sports scene by trying your hand at activities like snowboarding and skiing. For beginners, it’s advisable to reserve a quick lesson at a local ski area. Many resorts offer family-friendly zones, making it a perfect opportunity for a wholesome winter experience with your loved ones.

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3. Embrace the Snow

When in snowy areas, make it a point to embrace the magical presence of snow. Head to local parks to revel in the joy of playing in the snow and crafting your very own snowman. This immersive experience adds a touch of nostalgia to your winter adventure.

We recommend to use sunscreen because the snow reflects the sunlight which can cause your skin sunburned.

4. Indulge in Halal Hot Delights

Combat the winter chill by indulging in hot, hearty meals. Japan’s winter cuisine offers a range of halal options, including steaming bowls of ramen, sizzling yakiniku with hot rice, and comforting nabe. Treat your taste buds and warm your body simultaneously.

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5. Navigate with Caution

If you’re considering renting a car, opt for non-snowy areas for a smoother experience. Driving in snowy conditions can be challenging, especially for those unaccustomed to navigating icy roads. Minimize risks by avoiding snowy areas unless you are confident in your ability to handle winter driving conditions.

Drive on the snow