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Savor the Unique Taste of Ichiran’s Vegan Ramen

Ichiran, the renowned Japanese ramen chain, has announced a groundbreaking addition to its menu, by selling “Ichiran Ramen Hakata Thin Noodles Straight – Ichiran’s Special Red Secret Powder Vegan” . This exciting development allows vegan enthusiasts to experience the signature Ichiran taste without any animal-derived ingredients.

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In response to the evolving culinary preferences of consumers, Ichiran received feedback from individuals who, for various reasons, couldn’t enjoy their existing offerings but still longed to savor the unique taste of Ichiran. Motivated by this feedback, Ichiran’s culinary artisans embarked on a challenging journey to express the distinctive “Ichiran flavor” without relying on tonkotsu broth.

Crafting a vegan ramen with the rich and gentle mouthfeel characteristic of tonkotsu posed a formidable challenge within the constraints of not using animal-derived ingredients. Six years of meticulous research, experimentation, and dedication led to the development of a product that stays true to the essence of Ichiran while being entirely plant-based.

Where to Purchase?

Presently, this innovative vegan ramen is exclusively available at Ichiran’s Namba Midosuji store in Japan. However, driven by the desire to make this unique flavor accessible to a broader audience, Ichiran has made it available for purchase on their official online store, allowing ramen enthusiasts from various regions to savor the taste of Ichiran without compromise.