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Shiroi Koibito, a renowned confection from Hokkaido, Japan, is beloved by locals and tourists alike for its delicate taste and quality ingredients. Produced by the Ishiya company, this iconic sweet features a layer of white chocolate sandwiched between two light, crispy Langue de Chat cookies. While its flavor and texture make it a favorite among many, those adhering to a halal diet might have questions regarding its ingredients and halal status.

Is Shiroi Koibito Halal?

According to ISHIYA’s official website (FAQ), currently, no products from the company, including Shiroi Koibito, hold halal certification.

In addition, the Shiroi Koibito is crafted using a blend of both plant-based and animal-based ingredients. Still from the official website, the animal-based ingredient used is derived from beef.

In that case, you may go for products with simple ingredients such as pure chocolate.

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Shiroi Koibito prides itself on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients from Hokkaido. The flour, sugar, and fresh cream used in the cookies are 100% Hokkaido-sourced, showcasing the best of Hokkaido’s agricultural products.

Shiroi Koibito Park and Prayer Facilities

For those visiting Hokkaido, Shiroi Koibito Park is a must-see attraction. Not only does it offer a delightful experience with its factory tours, interactive exhibits, and beautiful gardens, but it also caters to the needs of Muslim visitors.

Shiroi Koibito Park (Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Shiroi Koibito Park is the first tourist facility in Sapporo to introduce a prayer room, ensuring that Muslim guests can observe religious practices comfortably.

The prayer room is available from 10:00-18:00, located at Tudor House on the 2nd Floor. It has separate rooms for men and women, with wudu facility and qibla mark.