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Updated April 2023

Identify Japan’s Halal/Muslim-Friendly Products

Looking for halal/Muslim-friendly products in Japanese stores and supermarkets may be a challenge, as we need to read carefully the ingredients, which mostly are written in kanji, of each item.

The alcoholic drink has 「酒」(sake) kanji in the package

[Alcohol 0%] means it does not has alcohol (alcohol-free), a complete soda drink with a juice taste

After a lot of questions and inquiries asking about the halal-ness of products, we summarize haram and grey zone (still in controversy) ingredients we often find in a product.


Please note that the ingredients listed below are for reference. We do and strongly recommend to do purchase/consuming at your own discretion.

Considered Haram Ingredients

No. Japanese Alphabet Meaning
1 豚 or 豚肉 buta / ton / butaniku pork
2 ポーク pooku pork
3 豚脂 buta abura pork fat
4 豚エキス or


buta ekisu / pork ekisu pork extract
5 鶏 or 鶏肉 tori / toriniku chicken meat (except if there is a halal logo pasted on the packages)
6 鶏エキス or チキンエキス tori ekisu /chikin ekisu chicken extract
7 鶏ガラ tori gara chicken carcass
8 牛 or 牛肉 gyuu / gyuuniku beef (except if any halal logo is pasted on the packages)
9 牛エキス or ビーフエキス gyuu ekisu / beef ekisu beef extract
10 niku meat (except if any halal logo is pasted on the packages)
11 ベーコン beekon bacon
12 ハム hamu ham
13 ラード raado lard
14 ゼラチン zerachin gelatin (usually made of lard)
15 sake Japanese traditional liquor (refer to as “alcohol beverage”)
16 料理酒 ryourizake cooking liquor
17 みりん mirin sweet cooking rice wine
18 リカー rikaa liquor
19 アルコール alkooru alcohol
20 ワイン wain wine (liquor)
21 ビール biiru beer
22 酒精 shusei alcohol
23 洋酒 youshu western liquor
24 リキュール rikyuuru liqueur


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Considered Grey Ingredients (Still in Controversy)

No. Japanese Alphabet Meaning
1 乳化剤 nyuukazai emulsifier.

For emulsifiers with explanation 大豆由来 daizu yurai (soybean-derived) or 植物由来 (plant-derived) may be permissible.

2 ショートニング shootoningu shortening (derived from both animal and plant)
3 マーガリン maagarin margarine  (derived from both animals and plants)
4 醤油 shooyu soy sauce
5 味噌 miso miso (Japanese fermented soybean paste)
6 醸造酢 jouzouzu brewed vinegar
7 su vinegar
8 チーズ chiizu cheese
9 発酵調味料 hakkou choumiryou fermented seasoning
10 アミノ酸 amino san amino acid
11 生クリーム nama kuriimu fresh cream
12 ブイヨン buiyon bouillon


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Supermarket Selling Halal Foods

Some Japanese supermarkets are started to sell halal foods. One of the pioneers is Gyomu Super which expands halal foods to almost all of its branches across Japan.

Besides, there is also one of the large discount supermarkets, Rogers, which started to sell halal foods and sweets. The supermarket is popular with its super reasonable price.

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Guidance Sheet

If you happen to have a meal at a restaurant but you want to confirm the halalness of the menu/dish there, you can use this guidance sheet (free download) on the link below to communicate with the restaurant staff. This sheet also can be used by the restaurant to confirm customers’ food restrictions.
The sheet is available for Halal, Vegetarian, and Allergies, both in English and Japanese.

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We were developing a camera feature on the Halal Gourmet Japan mobile application, to help user to find Muslim-friendly products by taking a picture of the target product. However, the service is currently being stopped after the pandemic hit.

Please check the link below for details

Halal Gourmet Japan App download

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