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That Popular Samurai Ramen is Available at All Branches of Gyomu Super in Tokyo, Start From January 10th!

Gyomu Super, Popular Among Muslim, Vegetarian, and Vegan

Gyomu Super is selling various types of halal foods. from halal meat and pasta to snacks, makes it highly popular among Muslims.  Gyomu super also has variety of imported products with more than 100 types of halal products. Based on integrated manufacturing and sales system, and importing in high volume makes Gyomu Super able to provide products in high quality with low price, by concept “professional quality and professional price” and “food safety”.

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No-Animal No-Alcohol No-MSG, “SAMURAI RAMEN”

No animal no alcohol (does not consist of animal-based ingredient such as pork bone, chicken, or seafood as well as no alcohol ingredient) and no chemical seasonings – colorant – flavoring –  preservative, Samurai Ramen is able to overcome both culture and religion, which now comes in new version.

Its premium thick soup extracted from vegetables and spices with strictly selected chewy noodle, Samurai Ramen stands as “the new global ramen”

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Samurai Ramen is All Branches of Gyomu Super in Tokyo!

Samurai Ramen available in all branches of Gyomu Super in Tokyo since January 10th.

Now you can get Samurai Ramen way more easier in any Gyomu Super in Tokyo.

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Branches that selling Samurai Ramen

Samurai Ramen available in Gyomu Super, from Akita Prefecture in the north to Fukuoka Prefecture in the south.

<Gyomu Super branches in west Japan>

■Osaka:Nishikujo branch, Nishiyodogawa branch, Kyuhoji-eki minami branch, Izumisano branch, Takaishi Ayazono branch, Mino branch, Esaka branch, Momodani branch, Izumisano nakasho branch
■Hyogo:Harborland branch, Oyasutei branch, Hanada branch, Tadera branch, Shimoteno branch, Southern mall
■Nara:Oshikumacho branch

■Shiga:Ritto branch
■Fukuoka:Hakozakieki branch, Shinmunakata branch, Hakata sensho branch

<Gyomu Super branches in east Japan>

■All branches in Tokyo
■Kanagawa:Kawasaki branch, Ebina branch
■Chiba:Yotsukaido, Makuhari Hongo branch
■Saitama:Kawaguchi-ekimae branch
■All branches in Niigata, Ibaraki, Gunma, Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima, Nagano, Toyama, Akita