Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019!

On January 10, Japan Meteorological Agency announced the first forecast of cherry blossom 2019.

Start from Kochi Prefecture, the cherry blossom is predicted to start blooming on March 18, then continued with Kyushu area.

Cherry blossom in Tokyo may come 4 days faster than last year, predicted to start blooming on March 22nd and reach its peak on 29th.

Please refer to image below to find the best time to see cherry blossom in places across Japan.

Prediction of cherry blossom start to bloom

Sendai : 4/9
Tokyo : 3/22
Nagoya : 3/22
Osaka : 3/27
Fukuoka : 3/20
The prediction will be updated in the next announcement on January 24.


Japan Meteorological Agency