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Embracing Diversity and Cultivating Comfort for Muslim Travelers to Japan

Following the response of Muslim travelers to Japan willing to have Muslim-friendly foods and services during their trip to Japan, Food Diversity, Inc. proudly presents HALAL TRAVEL JAPAN, a new service offered to support Muslim travelers in enjoying a secure and delightful stay in Japan. The service also extends its support to domestic and international travel agencies catering to Muslim travelers.

Food Diversity, Inc. was previously known as Halal Media Japan, Co. Ltd., which manages the largest halal and Muslim-friendly media platform in Japan “Halal Media Japan”, has been widely contributing to promoting food diversity in Japan, including the creation of a multicultural society through media and consulting initiatives.

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Why Halal Travel Japan?

Managed and overseen by Food Diversity, Inc., Halal Travel Japan provides cutting-edge services based on the latest Muslim-friendly information in Japan. Leveraging the vast network of Halal Media Japan, a social media platform frequented by half of the Muslim visitors to Japan, we ensure a continuous supply of up-to-date and accurate information.

In addition, Halal Travel Japan maintains a close collaboration with the local Muslim community, offering practical advice to guarantee a secure and enjoyable travel experience.

Moreover, Halal Travel Japan facilitates direct communication by offering services in English, Bahasa Indonesia/Bahasa Melayu, and Japanese, enhancing accessibility for travelers.

Halal Travel Japan Offerings and Features

HALAL TRAVEL JAPAN offers a concierge service with the following features:

  1. Planning: Proposing travel itineraries that consider essential points for Muslim travelers.
  2. Help Desk: Swiftly addressing various inquiries before and during the journey.
  3. Assistance: Providing solutions tailored to the special needs of groups and corporate travelers.

Contact Us!

Feel free to communicate with us, and together plan your trip to Japan filled with memorable experiences!

Contact us through email at [] or easily send us a DM to our official Instagram @halaltraveljapan.