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It’s time for winter sports!

Winter sports can be enjoyed normally until March when plenty of snow is still there (the opening period of each ski resort might vary). Today we introduce ski resorts in Japan that are family-friendly!

Kusatsu Ski Resort (Gunma)

Kusatsu Ski Resort is well-known for its family-friendly services! They offer a family pack lift ticket for an adult and a kid with a price of 6,400 yen (the normal price is 4,000 yen/adult and 3,000 yen/kid) and have an exclusive nursery school where kids can play with teachers and friends while parents enjoy skiing (2,000 yen/2 hours, +1,000 yen/additional 1 hour). Those who use the nursery school service will get a benefit of a free entrance fee (for a guardian per kid) to Tenguyama Kids Park that allows kids to play with snow and skiing. Furthermore, the ski resort organizes several events for kids such as treasure hunts!

More about Kusatsu Ski Resort’s family services

How to Get There

From  Ueno station, get on to Tokkyu Kusatsu and get off at Naganohara Kusatsuguchi station, then get on the JR Bus to Kusatsu Ski Resort.

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Hoshino Resort Alts Bandai Snow Park & Resorts (Fukushima)

The Alts Bandai Snow Park & Resorts is a huge ski resort located at the foot of Mt. Bandai that offer visitors a nice view of beautiful lakes and mountain. They have a diaper changing table and daycare so that kids can play with the nursery teacher while parents enjoy skiing on the slope (nursery fee 1,500 yen/hour/kid, +750 yen/additional 30 mins/kid). Make sure to take photos of the colorful drums at the entrance!

How to Get There

Ride Tohoku shinkansen from Tokyo station or Omiya station (Saitama Pref) to Koriyama station, change train to Ban-Etsusai Line and get off at Bandaimachi station. Get on the free shuttle bus to the resort from Bandaimachi station.

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Minakami Kogen Ski Resort (Gunma)

The Minakami Kogen Ski Resort sits in the northern part of Gunma Prefecture, located close to Niigata Prefecture that offers areas and activities for children. They have two kids’ parks; Kindergarten Park (for 1 to 5 y.o) and Snow Pallet (for 4 y.o and up). In the Kindergarten Park, kids can go up to the small hill with a snow escalator (with a length of approximately 50 m) to enjoy sledding field, air slider, playing at the snow hut, to get (slowly) spin around at the polar carousel! Meanwhile, in Snow Pallet, kids can enjoy tubing (traveling over the snow by riding a large doughnut-shaped inner tube, sledding field, to kids ski practice run! Both required admission fees of 1,000 yen for kids over 3 years old.

How To Get There

Ride Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Jomokogen Station, then get on to a shuttle bus to Minakami Kogen Ski Resort.

More about kids park at Minakami Kogen Ski Resort (in Japanese)

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