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Chocolate Goes Plant-Based!

The wave of plant-based products in Japan doesn’t stop at daily foods! It came across confectionary, offer vegan-friendly plant-based chocolates for your tasty treats!

Vegan chocolate is chocolate products which is made without using any of animal products such as meat, egg, dairy products, etc.

Vegan BonBon Chocolate RURI and MASOHO (By Foo Chocolaters)

Foo Chocolaters is sister brand of Ushio Chocolatl, a chocolate factory in Hiroshima Prefecture, exclusively offers vegan bonbon chocolate using Japan’s native crops (foods that are cultivated in Japan since the old days).

They create two vegan bonbon chocolates called 瑠璃 RURI (blue) and真朱 MASOHO (red), which is made using all plant-based ingredients, with hope that all people regardless religions, food dietaries, values, and lifestyles can enjoy them happily. The cashew nuts is used to replace milk so that those with allergies to dairy products also can enjoy at ease.

A box consists of 6 pieces of chocolates with different taste.

Where to Get

Ushio Chocolatl’s official online store

Pana Chocolate (by Pana Organic)

Pana Organic is an organic sweets brand from Australia that is famous among athletes and models as healthy sweets brand. They offer Pana Chocolate made from 100% organic, 100% vegan, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, full the nutrients of coconuts oil and cacao which is good for beauty and health.

According to Pana Organic ‘s website, they are Australian ACO certified organic, vegetarian-certified, halal-certified, kosher certified, EU organic certified, and JAS certified.

Where to Purchase

Pana Organic official online store

Amazon (3 pcs set, 4 pcs set, mint flavor, hazelnut flavor)


Vegan Nama Chocolate by CocoChouChou Sweets

CocoChouChou Sweets is a vegan sweets producer from Nagano city in Nagano Prefecture. Their create vegan yet delicious sweets, using maple syrup instead of white sugar to produce a gentle and mellow sweetness and cashew nuts milk instead of fresh cream and butter to produce a smooth melting-in-the-mouth sensation.

The vegan nama chocolate is available in 7 amazing flavors (plane, earl grey, rose & raspberry, mandarin orange, dried fig & nuts, matcha, ginger) and comes in a pop swallow designed packaging which is perfect as a gift!

Where to Get

CocoChouChou official online store

Nagano city Kitaishido store

Chocography by Sachi Takagi

Chocography by chocolatier Sachi Takagi presents 100% plant-based nama chocolate which comes in an overwhelmingly beautiful design that imagining nature such as petals, blue sky, shining light, etc. Chocography comes in 6 flavors; lychee, orange, natural, coffee, lemon, and pistachio.

Where to Get

Sachi Takagi official online store

Imalive Chocolate

Imalive Chocolate is a craft raw chocolate specialty store, presenting high quality vegan friendly chocolate created by chocolatier HARUKA. Their chocolates are free from dairy products, soy, gluten products, preservatives, emulsifiers, peanuts, and wheat. The flavor varies from classic raw chocolate to beautiful zakuro and raspberry raw chocolate!

Where to Get

Imalive Chocolate official online store

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