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The Place to Enjoy Hot Spring Together with Vegan Meals

Kamimoku Onsen in Minakami Town is a quiet hot spring town along the Tone River with a distant view of Mt. Tanigawa. It is located about 10 mins ride by car from the Jomokogen station (about an hour ride by Shinkansen from Tokyo station). The place has a concept of “Find Your Oasis”, which attracts a lot of visitors for leisure in the valley or climbing Mt. Tanigawa for healing.

Vegan Project by JETRO Gunma

The Warmth of Tatsumikan Inn in the Kamimoku Onsen, Gunma Prefecture

Tatsumikan in Kamimoku Onsen is an inn founded in 1927. It became the oldest long-established inn in Kamimoku Onsen, which has a history of about 100 years. At the Tatsumikan, visitors can make a reservation for a vegan meal that uses plenty of local ingredients.

Vegan Meals at Tatsumikan Inn

Vegan meals (per March 2021)

Appetizer : vegetable sushi, etc

Conjac sashimi and yuba

Mushroom wrapped in hoba leaf

Charcoal-grilled local vegetables

Yamato imo hot pot

Grilled onigiri with local miso

Accommodation Tsukiyono Kanmaki-onsen Nukumori no yado Tatsumikan
Address 2052 Kamimoku, Minakami, Gunma Prefecture 379-1303
TEL 0278-72-3055