Good news is coming from your beloved Halal restaurant in Osaka, Matsuri Halal Restaurant.

As you may know, many Halal restaurants in Japan are currently struggling to stay in business due to the rapid decrease of Muslim customers in the time of the pandemic. However, many restaurants have managed to overcome this hardship by turning to food delivery services, and Matsuri Halal Restaurant from Osaka is no different.

One year after the pandemic was first announced around the world, Matsuri continues to serve its Muslim and Japanese customers. During the weekdays, you can eat their delicious food by using famous smartphone-based food delivery services such as Damaecan, Uber Eats, Didi, and FoodPanda. During the weekends, you are welcome to visit their restaurant which is one station away from Umeda to enjoy their meals.

While these services have managed to continue to bring in sales, there is one downside. Muslim living far from Noda cannot make an order due to the distance. To respond to the demands of Muslims living in Osaka, Matsuri has decided starting from this March to deliver their food to places beyond the 5km limit, straight to the heart of Muslim-filled residence areas in Osaka.

Delivery Menu

The restaurant owner, Mr. Sano, had personally hand-picked the menu. After five years of successful business, he chose a variety of Karaage and Curry dish as the highlight.

Matsuri Signature Karaage

Matsuri Signature Karaage

Matsuri Signature Karaage with Tartar Sauce

Spicy Matsuri Signature Karaage

Matsuri Signature Karaage with Mayonnaise

Matsuri Signature Karaage with Chili Sauce

Japanese Curry

Japanese Dry Curry with Karaage

Japanese Chicken Cutlet Curry

Another all-time favorite menu that Mr. Sano has picked is the famous Okonomiyaki!

Lastly, he is also happy to serve a number of dessert and Halal Japanese cooking ingredients.

Fried Baumkuchen with Red Bean and Condensed Milk

Pick-up Points

Asian Halal Mart

This first pick up point is located in Toyonaka, 15 minutes away from the Toyonaka campus of Osaka University. Since many Muslims visit Asian Halal Mart daily to get groceries, it is the perfect spot to pick-up your ordered item and shop at one stop. If you are choose Asian Halal Mart as your pick-up point, make sure to be there from 11:00-12:00 on the 21st of March.

Kansai Super (関西スーパー) Onohara

This second pick up point is where many of Osaka University’s Suita Campus’ students live. Since Onohara is also near the Ibaraki mosque, many Muslims live around the area. If you choose this place as your pick-up.point, make sure to be there at 13:00-14:00.


Since this is a trial period, Matsuri only accepts pre-order. This means, you can make your order through this link, which will be open until Friday 19th of March, 2021. Carefully go through the menu and order the perfect lunch menu for you and your loved ones.

About Japanese Restaurant MATSURI

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