Japan is not only known for its beauty, but also for a number of natural disasters that frequently hit the country. So that, especially a resident, as well as for those who plan to visit Japan in some couple of time, need to aware and prepare for disaster prevention.

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When disaster comes and we need to stay at the evacuation area for a while, then the availability of halal foods is what comes as the next problem. Today we will introduce halal emergency foods (and where to purchase!) that should be ready in your emergency bag.

Instant “Alpha Rice” (Alpha-mai)

Instant “Alpha Rice” from Onisi Foods is one of the popular precooked/dried rice with its voluminous quantity and delicious taste which has long storage life (5 years!) and available in various flavors. It has 8 flavors that have a halal-mark.

From upper left to right: wakame rice, red rice, mushroom rice, dry curry

From upper left to right: plum porridge, plain porridge, white rice, wild vegetable rice

With a halal mark on the back

Besides halal, it does not contain 28 allergenic items.

There is a spoon inside which is very convenient.

How to Cook

To cook the rice, we just need to pour hot water or normal water until it reaches a line inside the package (about 160 ml). Put it for 15 mins (with hot water) or 60 mins (with normal water) and ready to eat!

Besides Alpha Rice, Onishi Foods also has onigiri series in 4 flavors and ethnic series (2 flavors) which all are obtaining halal certification.

Onigiri series; salmon, wakame, gomoku rice, kombu flavor. Source: Onisi Foods official website.

Nasi goreng and Biryani. Source : Onisi Foods official website.

Where to Buy


When purchasing in a set, flavor without a halal mark is included so please be careful.

Canned Bread

Besides rice, Japan has canned bread which is also perfect for unpredictable conditions. This panda-canned bread was made by Faith. Co is one of the famous canned bread you can find easily at disaster prevention corners in the supermarket or in any other place. It has 5 flavors; plain, caramel, strawberry, choco chip, and milk.

All flavors are with halal-mark and the plain flavor is the only one that is gluten-free.

With a halal mark

With a halal mark and gluten-free mark

The bread has a storage life of 3 years.

How to Cook

Open the can, take the bread out and you can have it just like it is. It will be more flavorful by wrapping it with plastic wrap and then warming it in a microwave for 20 seconds.

Where to Buy

Long-Term Storage Vegetable Juice

When it comes to evacuation, especially if it takes a long time to back to normal life, it is said that most people will crave vegetable juice. It is slightly sweet and contains nutrition. Kagome, a famous company producing vegetable juices, offers additive-free long-term storage vegetable juice which is perfect to be in your emergency foods. A can contains 350 g of vegetable nutrition.

Kagome Long-Term Storage Vegetable Juices on Amazon Japan.