Japan is a country with a lot of natural disasters that happen seasonally, such as heavy rain that caused floods and landslides during the rainy season (rain season between spring and summer around May to June) or typhoon that mostly happens in September between summer and autumn, and unpredictable disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami.

That’s why it is common for families in Japan to have an emergency kit ready at home even the news and media as well as local government always quickly update citizens if a disaster might happen or come closer.

We are foreign residents in Japan who also need to prepare ourselves for an emergency.

Following the Disasters Prevention Day on Sept 1st, we summarized what to do and what to prepare before and during the disasters/evacuation.

What We Need to Prepare

These are minimum items to prepare.
※ Foods and drinks for at least 3 days per person。
※ Emergency toilet. During disaster/evacuation, the water may cut down.
※ Mask and disinfectant. The Japanese government asks to prepare and bring your own masks and alcohol disinfectant to prevent the spread of the covid19 during the evacuation as well as to prevent the unavailability of these two items.
※ Aluminium sheets and heat packs (Kairo etc). You will need it to keep your body warm especially when any disasters during the cold season.
※ Daily necessities, such as dry shampoo, body sheets, napkin/sanitary items, towels, etc. Consider the needs if you might not be able to take a bath for some time.
※ Battery-powered/wireless radio. You will need it to know the latest information and condition since the mobile network might shut down.
※ Flashlight (or headlight)
※ Charged power bank
※ Cable for charging
※ Paper tablewares
※ Blankets or sleeping bags.
※ Leisure sheet
※ Charged handy fan in case of disasters in the hot season.
※ Copies of personal documents
※ Some cash
※ Family and some emergency contact information
※ Emergency maps.  If a disaster comes when you are away from home (at work, for example), you will need to evacuate to the nearest evacuation area that you might not familiar with and need to back home by walk because trains, etc will stop. You can find it easily at book stores.

There are emergency kit package contains items you will need during evacuation you can get at home supplies or simply from the internet.

If you have a baby or pet, you will need to prepare for them too.


※ Diapers for at least stock for a week
※ Instant baby formula and bottles
※ Instant baby foods
※ Blanket
※ Clothes and towels


※ Pet carrier
※ Pet toilet/pet diapers
※ Petfoods

For more information, you can contact your local government to find the latest information in the area as well as guidance in English.

What To Do During Evacuation

※ Don’t be panic. You will need to keep calm so you can make the right decision during evacuation when needed.
※ Do listen to the announcement or guidance from your local government.
※ Keep the social distance as possible and refrain from talking loudly.
We hope this article will help to prepare for the emergency.