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Japan is at the Forefront at The Global Stage!

In a historic win, Japan has claimed the coveted first place in the 2023 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI), marking its debut as the world’s most admired country. This index, compiled by the global market research firm Ipsos, evaluates countries based on factors like “culture,” “national character,” “tourism,” “exports,” “governance,” and “immigration and investment.”

Japan’s journey to the top has been remarkable, steadily climbing from fifth place in 2019 to finally clinching the leading position in 2023, surpassing Germany, which held the top spot for six consecutive years. This achievement reflects not only Japan’s positive image but also its appeal in various aspects that make it stand out globally.

Ipsos | NBI 2023 | Top 10 rankings evolution

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In each of the six evaluated areas, Japan demonstrated excellence, securing a spot in the top 10 across the board. Besides the highest praise for its “exports,” where it topped the charts for contributions to science and technology, creative innovation, and the overall appeal of its products, Japan received high marks for “national character” and “tourism,” highlighting its welcoming atmosphere, employment opportunities, and vibrant cities.

Simon Anholt, the founder of the NBI, emphasized the significance of Japan’s new position, stating, “Japan is now the most admired country on Earth. This reflects a shift in the world’s perception, indicating that we’ve entered a new era where Japan is recognized as a global leader.”

The survey indicates that Japan has become a dream destination for global travelers, with its cultural richness, friendly atmosphere, and employment opportunities standing out. The country’s top ranking in the “tourism” category is a testament to its appeal as a travel magnet.

Japan’s recognition as the top country in the NBI suggests that the global stage is witnessing a transformation in the balance of soft power, with Japan at the forefront. The 2023 Nation Brands Index is not just a reflection of Japan’s positive image but also a signal that the world is entering an era where Japan’s influence is becoming increasingly prominent.