Mass Circumcisions Event by the Indonesian Muslim Association

IPMI (Indonesian Muslim Nurse Association) and KMII (Indonesian Islamic Community) will be hosting their annual mass circumcision event in collaboration with Kawasaki Chuo Clinic, Kawasaki.

Routine male circumcision, more commonly known in Japan as 割礼 (katsurei), has hardly ever been implemented for children or adults in Japan. This has been a long-standing issue for Muslim minorities in the country who have had difficult access when looking to have their Muslim male children and male reverts (muallaf) circumcised for religious reasons.

To respond to the pressing demand by the Muslim communities in Japan, KMII Japan and IPMI Japan decided to collaborate back in 2016 to hold a mass circumcision event, a tradition common to the Indonesian and Malaysian cultures where a group of male children would visit a clinic and get circumcised in parallel or one after the other.

Since 2016, the committee has collaborated with Kawasaki Chuo Clinic in hosting this event. “Our seniors had to look for clinics who had the capability to hold the procedure,” stated Muhammad Ridho, a nursing worker (kaigofukushi-shi) from Yokohama, who is in charge of the event in 2020. Ridho, along with other IPMI members, is working in Japan with special visa status, a manifestation of the bilateral Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Indonesia.

“We are hoping this event can be a form of raising awareness on the necessity of the Muslim communities in Japan,” Ridho added.  

Event Details

Registration for this event opens from July 26-31, 2020, through the registration form. The event will be held on August 7-21, 2023.

This event is available for Muslim male children of any nationality starting age 12 and above. The price itself, on average, reaches up to 250,000 yen. Unfortunately, health insurance does not apply.


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Furthermore, the procedure will be done using a conventional method by a doctor who possesses an international license. Patients will be under local anesthesia. According to past experiences, the doctor will tend to up to 3 patients in one day, one after the other. Patients will be able to walk immediately after and can start doing heavy exercises and showering as normal within a week, two at most.

“We’d like to help so that Muslim children in Japan can experience what their fellow friends get to do in their home countries or other Muslim-majority countries,” Ridho concluded. “Through this event, we also hope to build a stronger connection with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Japan.”

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