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Updated: March 2023

Muslim Friendly Restaurant ”Donburi Nantoya”, Naha Airport

Okinawa, the picturesque resort area in Japan, has long been a favorite vacation destination for tourists from all over the world. However, in recent years, a new trend has emerged – the rising number of Muslim tourists visiting Okinawa.

To cater to their needs, a Muslim-friendly restaurant, Donburi Nantoya has opened at the entrance of the popular resort area, Naha Airport.

Donburi Nantoya

At first glance, Donburi Nantoya may appear to be just like any other restaurant. However, it has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest – the use of all halal ingredients and seasonings in its dishes! This means that Muslim tourists can now enjoy a delicious and authentic Japanese meal without worrying about whether it is halal or not.

It is worth noting that Donburi Nantoya has only two severe allergy menus that are not included in its halal offerings. Otherwise, all of the dishes served at the restaurant are halal, including its signature rice bowl dishes, or “donburi” in Japanese.

Muslim-Friendly Policy

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Their halal donburi roast beef (using Japanese domestic beef) and splendid large shrimp tendon are the most recommended! The price varies from 700 yen to 3,000 yen.

The opening of Donburi Nantoya is a welcome development for Muslim tourists visiting Okinawa, as it offers them an opportunity to savor Japanese cuisine without compromising religious beliefs.

The restaurant’s location at the entrance of Naha Airport also makes it easily accessible to tourists arriving in Okinawa.

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About Don Nantoya

150 Kagamizu, Naha International Airport Connection Terminal 4F, Okinawa 〒901-0142
Open Hour
10:00~21:00(L.O. 20:30)
Halal Gourmet Japan