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“Shunniku Shunsai Tohachi” Presents Halal Wagyu Steak

Asahikawa city in Hokkaido is now popular among Muslim tourists.
Now Asahikawa is aiming to come out as a city with the most delicious food in Japan.

Snow mosque presented on snow festival 2018, pray space settled on Asahikawa station, makes Asahikawa gain attention from the world.

Then in that popular Asahikawa, there is a restaurant popular among Muslim tourists called “Shunniku Shunsai Tohachi” and with lots of requests from Muslim customers, they are now presenting Halal Wagyu steak.

Halal wagyu steak in Japan itself still very rare, and this restaurant is the first in Asahikawa, Hokkaido that presenting halal wagyu steak.

That excellent melting texture of wagyu can’t be compared with the Australian beef. A professional chef who cooks the steak makes its delicacy increase one level up.

Please enjoy the delish of halal wagyu steak at “Shunniku Shunsai Tohachi”.
Price : 9,000 yen (exclude tax).

If you come to Japan, don’t forget to list Asahikawa in your itinerary and enjoy the fine halal wagyu steak. It definitely will be one of your good memories.

Snow mosque

Information about snow festival 2019 (snow mosque is planned to be presented too)

Pray space in Asahikawa station

Asahikawa restaurant MAP

About Shunniku Shunsai Tohachi

Kosumo Bld. B1, 5-jodori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido 070-0035
11:00〜14:30, 17:30〜22:00
Sunday and Japanese public holiday
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