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Hanamaza Pan’s Buffet-Style Lunch and Halal Bakery Class

Written by Reni Rahmawati

Have you heard about halal bread Hanamaza Pan in Gifu Prefecture?

Hanamaza pan is halal bread managed by Mrs. Siti Nurjanah, an Indonesian that living in Japan for more than 20 years.
Started from August, Hanamaza Pan provides buffet style lunch and halal bakery class.

Buffet-Style Lunch

Hanamaza Pan started to provide halal launch in buffet style.

There you can enjoy both bread and rice as main dish. Various of Hanamaza Pan’s bread is so mouthwatering.

Besides, you can enjoy special curry, combination between Japanese curry and Indonesian curry which is incredibly delicious!

Halal Bakery Class

Before we start to make the bread, participant will learn how to make a bread in theory first as well as how to choose ingredients to produce good quality bread.

Ranging from the selection of wheat flour, sugar dumplings, salt, the amount of water, and room temperature for cooking are important factors to produce good and delicious bread.

After that, participant start to process the bread dough while hearing the technique from Mrs. Nurjanah.

In the baking class this time, a participant can make up to 3 pieces of bread. You also able choose any bread you want to make.

For those who have egg allergy, don’t worry! In this bakery class, you can make egg-free bread as delicious as bread with egg!

Baking process usually takes 4 to 5 hours depending on the detail and shape of the bread you made.
Bread you made can be taken home, so you can enjoy it with family and friends.

Bread option you can make at Hanamaza Pan
Various of bread to make

In the end of bakery class, we took pictures together with Mrs. Siti Nurjanah. Also, we had a chat about the beginning of establishment of Hanamaza Pan. Mrs. Siti Nurjanah is very kind, she does not hesitate to share us her knowledge about Japanese business as well as about eating halal and halal products.

How to Participate

Please contact to (or through Hanamaza Pan facebook) attention to Mrs. Nurjanah at least 2 days in advance.
(Main place for a bakery class is in Gifu, however it is also possible to be held in Tokyo or other places (with certain number of participants). Please contact to email above for more information)

2-84-2, Shikke, Gifu-shi, Gifu
Wednesday, holiday, first Sunday
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