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Long-Awaited Halal Wagyu in Fukuoka!

Fukuoka is the second-largest city in West Japan and the fifth-largest in Japan, after Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. It is well-known for its delectable food culture, which attracts gourmands from all over Japan. As the center of tourism in Kyushu, Fukuoka was having four Air Asia flights from Malaysia weekly before the pandemic hit and is expected to be one of the favorite travel destinations and direct flights destination in the near future.

We are excited to share with you that Halal Wagyu beef is now available in Fukuoka for the first time!

This exclusive dish can be savored at “Uokura,” conveniently located within a minute’s walking distance of the JR Hakata Station Chikushi exit. As of January 2020, this is the only place in Fukuoka where you can enjoy Halal Wagyu Beef.

The restaurant is illuminated by soft lighting, creating a relaxing ambiance. It offers various rooms for guests, catering to different group sizes. These range from small private rooms for 2 persons to middle-sized private rooms for 6-18 persons and even larger private rooms for 20-48 persons. Additionally, there are 14 counter-seats available, making it a great option for solo diners.

At Uokura, you will be mesmerized by the sight of professional Japanese chefs cooking with carefully selected ingredients. While Halal Wagyu Beef is their signature dish, they also specialize in black throat seaperch and spear squid. If you have a penchant for these seafood delicacies, Uokura is definitely worth a try!


The restaurant offers a lunch menu starting from JPY1,800 and Halal Wagyu Beef from JPY3,000. A la carte and course options are available for dinner.

■Lunch menu

■Dinner Menu

Halal wagyu beef lunch set

Rice bowl with deep-fried shrimp and vegetables lunch set

Halal wagyu beef hamburg

Wagyu beef fillet steak

Ingredients Used

Halal certificate and Halal policy


No need for reservation to enjoy halal wagyu beef at Uokura! Just in case you need to secure your seat in advance, you can place a reservation online (in Japanese) or make a call.

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About Restaurant “Uokura”

2F, 2-1-1, Hakataeki Higashi, Fukuoka Shi Hakata Ku, Fukuoka
Open Hour
[Lunch] 11:00-16:00(LO15:00) [Dinner] 17:00-24:00(LO23:00)
Halal Gourmet Japan
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