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Halal food and prayer space in Saiko

Lake Kawaguchiko is a popular spot among Muslims for enjoying beautiful view of Mt.Fuji.
“Saiko Iyashinosatonenba” situates besides near Lake Saiko, which is right next to Lake Kawaguchiko.

“Saiko Iyashinosatonenba” is a tourism complex locates in northwest of Lake Saiko and reproduced the Japanese rural settlement in the old time with thatched roof houses. It holds 20 of classic Japanese houses and offers a lot of kinds of activities including workshop of traditional handicraft, Kimono wearing experience, souvenir shops and restaurants.

■”Saiko Iyashinosatonenba” Facebook page

This complex has 2 restaurants offering Halal food and Prayer space.

■ Momoya

Halal menu

Japanese Curry


■ Shop Fujimori(Next to Momoya)

■ Prayer Room

If you come to Lake Kawaguchiko vicinity, please enjoy “Saiko Iyashinosatonenba” to your heart contents!

About Iyashinosatonenba

2710, Saikonenba, Fuji Kawaguchiko-machi, Minami-tsurugun, Yamanashi-ken