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A new movement in the Japanese Vegetarian & Vegan market
The long-awaited Kansai Vegetarian Guide book has been published!

Author: Arika

Did you know that one of our members of food.diversity Inc, Hiroto Yamazaki published a guidebook for vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo in December 2018? Here comes the Kansai version! It has been released in Chinese and been sold in as many as 4 countries across Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. We are happy to inform you, that the current situation in Japan regarding vegetarian restaurants is improving so much, that we were able to publish 2 books on the Subject already! An interesting fact is, that this book got funded thanks to you, with the money raised on the website down below! If you’re curious about the background story, please feel free to check it out!


Road to be a new global boom
~ What Japanese chefs should be aware of~

Author: Yokohama

Back to the traditional “Shojin” way of cooking to offer vegan food.

Japanese chefs should be aware that they can offer vegan cuisine using their traditional way of cooking, called “Shojin”. Shojin was brought into Japan from China along with the introduction of Buddhism. For more than a thousand years, it has been a common traditional Japanese way of cooking plant-based meals until the mid 1860S’.

Now, in the 21st century, Japanese chefs are starting to recreate plant-based cuisine in the “Shojin” way. This has the potential to become a new global boom!


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