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Experience You Should Try in Yokohama!

Yokohama, a vibrant port city at the southern Tokyo in the Kanagawa Prefecture, was one of the first Japanese ports opened to foreign trade in 1859. Conveniently accessed from Tokyo (only 30 min by train!), Yokohama grows as a city with the highest population in Japan, remains popular among expatriates with one of the world’s largest Chinatown and preserves former Western ex-pats residences until today.

An exotic night view of Yokohama city

Known as a port city that is visited by international traders, Yokohama has a Western touch of buildings and a city view that has a different taste with other cities in Japan.

In that exotic Yokohama, a well-known restaurant “Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya” offers a very reasonable price for the high quality halal Japanese food lunch and dinner to dine in during your stay in Yokohama!

A Fine Halal Food and Classic Japanese Experience

At 5 min walk from the JR Kannai station (north exit), Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya is a classic Japanese restaurant serves a unique Japanese dishes, quite spacious to cover customers in groups. They also have a private room for those who want to have a private or business dining and entertainment.

The entrance of Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya. The restaurant is at the B1F

Menu at the entrance. You can find a signboard that they also have English and halal menu

The restaurant is dominated by wooden decoration and greenery that give a warm yet calm atmosphere. You can find a decoration of old-Japanese drawing and a German poem on the wall, the Taisho Roman (a trend of thought or cultural events that conveys the atmosphere of the Taisho period) touch on its interior brings you back to the Taisho era. They have professional staff and wearing kimono which is so impressive!

A spacious table seat. We love the decoration of the lamp!

Let’s see what we have here!


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Countermeasures in the Outbreak of COVID-19

Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya is doing a thorough countermeasure to preventing the spread, such as do change the air, all staff wears a mask, body temperature check before starting to work, and often do hands wash / disinfection, customers will be asked to disinfect hands before entering the restaurant and serves special hand towel that is able to suppress the virus and bacteria to 99%.

The Premium Quality of The Mouthwatering Halal Japanese Food

Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya has a halal menu for both lunch and dinner. The best thing is, you don’t need to make a reservation in advance! You can just walk-in to the restaurant and tell the staff that you would like to have lunch or halal dinner since the halal menus are always available.

Full Menu

【Dinner】Japanese Prime Halal Beef Course (13,000 yen including tax)

The course consists of 5 voluminous items.

・Sauteed scallop and caviar
・Grilled fish with teriyaki sauce
・Fried stuffed crab
・Japanese prime halal beef (sirloin) with rice and soup
・Seasonal fruits

The sauteed scallop and caviar comes as your appetizers. As you know, caviar known as a luxury ingredients which you can’t have in a common restaurant. The caviar taste very nice with the soft scallop, have both together and its sweet taste will spread nicely inside your mouth!

Sauteed scallop and caviar

Then the grilled fish with teriyaki sauce and fried stuffed crab comes after. The fish is thick, so much tender and tastes great with teriyaki sauce. It is not that sweet and very easy to eat. Meanwhile, the fried stuffed crab has a very nice impact! It is served in a crab shells and has a nice golden brown that proof how crunchy it is! If you like, you can have the crab together with a halal cutlet sauce.

Grilled fish with teriyaki sauce

Fried stuffed crab

Next is the main dish you have been waiting for, it is the premium halal wagyu! The meat is usually comes in rare, but since the dish comes together with a hot stone, you can grill the meat by your own or also to get some of your meal warm. This time we also grilled our meat to get it well-done. The first bite will make your eyes open bigger on how soft and tender the meat is! This is it, the Japanese high quality wagyu. Eat it as is and be really satisfied.

Premium Japanese beef (wagyu) steak

Since the meat are halal-slaughtered meat, so you can enjoy the meal at ease.

In additional, there are some selections of sauces you can have together with the meat ; yakiniku sweet sauce, grated radish ponzu sauce, salt and pepper, chili paste, and chili sauce.

At the end of the course, you will be served a sweet fresh seasonal fruits.

This voluminous yet luxury meals with a reasonable 13,000 yen is highly a must try!

【Lunch】A Bowl of Rice With Japanese Halal Beef and Fried Japanese Halal Beef (4,000 yen each, including tax)

In the Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya, you also able to enjoy a high quality and tasty lunch available in two selections. If you would like to have an authentic yet classic Japanese style lunch, so “A Bowl of Rice With Japanese Halal Beef” is for you! It has a voluminous bowl of rice topped with thickly sliced halal wagyu.

A Bowl of Rice With Japanese Halal Beef

Meanwhile, if you would like to have something crunchy, so the “Fried Japanese Halal Beef” is a good choice. It comes with rice so you can have the fried wagyu together and also the halal cutlet sauce if you like.

Fried Japanese Halal Beef

Both lunch menu comes together with vegetable, soup, and dates.

If you happen to be in Yokohama and looking for a super delicious halal dining with an extraordinary experience, so Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya is a great choice!

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About the Yokohama Seryna Romanjaya

Kannai Tosei Building B1F 4-45-1 Sumiyoshicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture(beside Kannai Hall)
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