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More diversity as One Team

Author: Yokoyama

2019 might be a turning point for Japan to find a new way of acting as a society. It was the first country in Asia to host the Rugby World Cup (RWC). Doing so, Japan was praised by the organizing committee for being an excellent host. This success could be the perfect starting point of an era of Golden Sports Years for Japan, as the RWC, Olympic/Paralympic 2020 and World Masters Games Kansai 2021 all take place within 3 years. As “One Team” was picked as Japan’s top buzzword of 2019, Japan seems to be getting more serious about diversity!


The starting point of a Muslim-Friendly country

Author: Yokohama

Many international travelers who fly to Japan either land at the Narita or Haneda airport, which are both located in Tokyo. You may feel that Narita is a bit farther away from the central station of Tokyo than Haneda, however, when starting from Narita you can enjoy the view on Chiba-city on your way to Tokyo. Ramen, Sushi and other delicious local cuisine is awaiting you! Don’t forget to get your hands on the Muslim Friendly Map sp you can fully enjoy Chiba!


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