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Amazing Ramen for Ramen freaks who will be traveling Hokkaido this winter!

this mouth-watering ramen look like at close

Do you have any plans traveling to Japan this winter?

Unless you already know that the cold weather is not your cup of tea or perhaps because  you currently live in the cold country / area so craving for the gate-away to somewhere else warmer than you are right now, we will definitely recommend you to go Hokkaido and enjoy winter, which is one of the 4 beautiful seasons you can enjoy in Japan.

Ichikura, the ramen shop situated in Asahikawa city, north central part of Hokkaido, is the place we would like to recommend you today.

Well yeah, as you might already know, Asahikawa is in Hokkaido, so there’s no need for checking up the weather forecast to know how cold it is. IT IS COLD.

But what is the beauty of cold weather, is that you can really enjoy hot meal like Ramen to the fullest than you’ve ever done before.

Asahikawa is a well-known with its delicious local ramen so there’s a tons of ramen shops, so it’s like heaven even for Japanese ramen freaks!

So Why not warm you up a bit in a thick coat and enjoy cold weather with slurping Halal ramen in Ichikura?

a pan they prepare only for Muslim friendly ramen


even the tableware and chopstick are Muslim friendly!

At Ichikura the ramen shop, they put their lots of efforts to serve their mouth-watering ramen to Muslim customers, not only to non-Muslim customers.

These are the few of their challenges they achieved until they get to serve their ramen to Muslim customers:

・Soy sauce
Alcohol-contained soy sauce ⇒ Non-alcohol soy sauce

Dried salmon and pig bones ⇒ seafood soup

Noodles with alcohol preservatives ⇒ additive free alcohol

・Roasted pork fillet
Roasted pork fillet ⇒ Halal chicken

At Ichikura, all the noodle and soup they serve at the shop made in their own factory, so you can taste freshly made ramen every day!

In addition to that, they use selective ingredients for their menu. for instant, in the soup, they use selected Rishiri konbu from Oumu in Okhotsk Sea, dried herring from Esashi, and 3 types of salmon that came back from Okhotsk Sea!


To those who want to taste side menu as well, they serve you the best Halal Gyoza!!

Gyoza-400yen / Cheese Gyoza – 500yen

Without a doubt, the ingredient of gyoza is also Muslim friendly! The gyoza is made from halal-certified chicken, homemade gyoza skin made from Hokkaido wheat, and alcoholic free soy sauce are used for gyoza sauce.

Halal certified chicken

this is how it looks inside!

Crispy skin and juicy chicken inside, gyoza already got a good reputation from lots of Muslim customers!

Get Your Gyoza Delivered to Your Home!

Yoi can enjoy the gyoza at home! Put your order and address to email below, they will send you the gyoza that comes in frozen. Available in three flavors to deliver : plain, vege, and cheese.


Plain 2,800 yen/bag

Cheese 3,510 yen/bag

Vege 3,159 yen/bag

※per bag contains 50 pcs

※excluding frozen shipping fee

How to Cook

So be prepare for your one of the best culinary experiences in Japan, here in Ichikawa, Asahikawa!


Asahikawa Ramen Ichikura

11:00-4:00 (next day)
3 jo doori 7 chome, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido 〒070-0033
Halal Gourmet Japan