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Halal Travel Plan in Asahikawa

Asahikawa is the second largest city in Hokkaido, located in the northeast of Sapporo. Now Asahikawa is known as a muslim friendly city with its food diversity services and supports.

So, how exciting and muslim friendly it is travelling in Asahikawa? Let us introduce you recommended halal travel plan in Asahikawa!

Snow Mosque in Asahikawa Winter Festival 2019

Arrival in Asahikawa Airport

Asahikawa airport can be reached with direct flight from big cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka. Airport in Hokkaido are frequently facing heavy snow or blizzard, makes aircrafts cannot safely landing or take off. But if you go directly to Asahikawa Airport, don’t worry! Your flight will be able to enter and leave Asahikawa conveniently even in heavy snow! Yes, Asahikawa is the only airport with possibility to enter and leave with percentage 99.1%! Why? Because they already get used to it.

Pamphlet mentioning aircraft percentage in flying to and from Asahikawa airport is 99,1% even in heavy snow

Besides, there are also a comfy spacious prayer spaces separated between men and women, facilitated with wudu’ space, prayer mats, and Qur’an as well as restaurant serves vegetarian and muslim friendly meal “Tiffany” on 3F.

More about prayer space in Asahikawa airport

Prayer space inside Asahikawa Airport

Available wudu’ space in both man and woman prayer space

Muslim friendly meal at Tiffany

From Asahikawa airport, take bus board to Asahikawa station for around 40 minutes with fee 620 yen.

Asahikawa Station

Not inferior to Asahikawa airport, Asahikawa station also has prayer space inside the station. Go to Tourist Information Center, mention to the staff that you would like to use the prayer space so they will guide you accordingly. However, as there is no wudu’ space there, so you have to use public toilet nearby to perform ablution.

More about prayer space in Asahikawa station

Where to Eat

There are some halal restaurants near the Asahikawa station.

Ichikura Ramen

Ichikura ramen is the first restaurant in Asahikawa that started muslim friendly ramen. They has a homey atmosphere with dark brown tableseat. Ichikura’s ramen is incredibly tasty! Try the Okhotsk shoyu ramen and let yourself get overwhelmed with its flavorful easy to eat taste. Besides, gyoza (dumpling) and vege miso ramen also worth to try!

Access : 10 min walk from Asahikawa station.

More about Ichikura Ramen

The most recommended, Okhotsk shoyu ramen!

We enjoyed Okhotsk shoyu ramen, rich vegetarian miso ramen, and gyoza (dumpling)


Next to Ichikura, Tohachi started to serve muslim friendly menu. They serve menu wagyu course which you have to try! In one course, you will be spoiled with tempura, fresh vegetables and chicken steamed with fish broth (the broth brings out the original taste of each ingredients), etc. They have quite spacious place so you can come in group.

Access : 15 min walk from Asahikawa station.

More about Tohachi

Muslim friendly wagyu course menu at Tohachi

What to Visit in Asahikawa

Snow Crystal Museum

A fantastic museum dedicated to snowflakes! All decoration and displays are related to snow flakes. There is an ice corridor where you can see the beauty of ice. Snowflakes gallery is the must-visit, you will find yourself can’t help to take pictures!

There is also prayer space inside. Please inform the staff before usage.

Prayer space in Snow Crystal Museum

15 min by car/taxi from Asahikawa station
Open hour
Admission fee
700 yen (adult), 500 yen (university & high school student), 400 yen (junior high school & elementary school student)
Website (in Japanese only)
Japan Masjid Finder


Asahiyama Zoo

Asahiyama Zoo is a highly popular zoo located in the center of Asahikawa city. There you can see a lot of animals from native Hokkaido, such as wolf, white owl, deer, to penguin! Penguin walk is a must see attraction in Asahikawa, where you can see cute penguins walk just less than a meter away from you!

In Asahiyama zoo also available prayer space (using emergency room). Please inform the staff in support center so they will guide you to use the room.

Don’t forget to inform staff in Support Center first

40 min by bus (bus stop no. 6 with bus number 41 or 47. Fee 440 yen)
Open hour
Admission fee
820 yen
Japan Masjid Finder