Facial at Salon de Sorcière: First and Only Muslim-Friendly Beauty Salon in Kansai!

Written by : Zhafira Aqyla

Three years ago, we introduced you to the first-ever Muslim-friendly beauty salon in Kobe, today famously known as Salon de Sorcière. This week, we decided to venture on a journey to get pampered at the salon. In this article, we are more than excited to fill you in on how the business has grown in the past three years!

First, let us do a quick recap. Salon de Sorcière is located in Kobe, only 5 minutes’ walk away from Okamoto Station (Hankyu Line) or Settsu-Motoyama Station (JR Line). While their treatments specialize in all types of hair (straight, oily, dry, afro, anything!) they also serve other services on the side. So, we challenged the owner, Ms. Tomomi Chaki, and requested for a facial instead. This article will tell you all about it!

※You can watch more of our staff’s adventure below!

Get Pampered at the Salon de Sorcière

However, before we get right into it, it is always important to remind our beloved readers that you will have to book an appointment beforehand (through the phone number is given at the bottom of the article) if you wish to have the entire salon for yourself for privacy reasons, so that is exactly what we did and the salon was shut down during our stay.

Salon de Sorcière

Now, the facial. First, let’s talk about the price.

For a 45 minutes facial treatment, it costs approximately JPY 5,000 (IDR 650,000, MYR 205, SGD 67 as of February 2020). Now before the sheer number horrifies you and you change your mind, let us remind you that this is the normal price range for a facial in Japan, a country with high living costs. 

Next, the tools. If you love getting a facial treatment, you must be familiar with getting your face done while lying down on a facial bed. Because Sorcière specializes in hair treatment, they do not have them. However, you can sit back just as comfortably on one of the high-quality hair wash chairs and it makes no difference whatsoever. 

Moving on, the products. Paying careful attention to Muslim customers’ needs, Ms. Chaki has made sure to select and use plant-based products when serving us.

Lastly, the treatment. This is where we had a lot of fun. In the first 15 minutes or so of the treatment, Ms. Chaki thoroughly detoxed our staff to get all the bad ions out from the pores. 

Ms. Chaki used advanced electronic equipment that felt gentle and soothing to the skin. In the next 15 minutes, she added good ions into our staff’s face and gently massaged it with an electronic facial massager until the skin is baby-smooth. Afterward, our staff also got her head and shoulder massage for 15 or so minutes. 

Though Sorcière’s specialty is in hair treatment, as a facial lover, our staff was very happy with the overall result and is checking out more Muslim-friendly beauty-salon in Japan to visit in the future. 

Another delightful part about Sorcière is it provides a prayer kit and allows for you to pray in the salon if your pamper time gets a little longer than expected. In addition, while the toilet does not have a bidet, Ms. Chaki has prepared a pot that customers can use to clean.

Even if you do not need to get your hair or nail done and are just passing by, Ms. Chaki will kindly allow you to use the space for prayers if you cannot find any other spaces around. 


Haircut and blow-dry

  • Infants and elementary school students ¥2000
  • Junior and high school students ¥2500
  • University students ¥3000
  • Adults ¥4200
  • Shampoo +¥500

Perm (including shampoo, haircut, and blow-dry) ¥11800~

  • Straight perm (including shampoo, cut, and blow-dry) ¥10500~
  • Super straight perm ¥15,000~
  • Semi long and long hair +¥500

Color (including shampoo & blow-dry) ¥8000

  • Acidic coloring ¥5500~
  • Herbal coloring ¥7000
  • Design color +¥4000
  • Haircut +¥3800
  • Semi long and long hair +¥500

Bedrock bathing (30’) ¥3000

Facial treatment ¥3000

Hair treatment ¥3500

Japanese hairdo experience ¥4000~

Hair restoration course ¥3000~


Okamoto Station (Hankyu) north exit

Settsu-Motoyama (JR) north exit

1-4-17 Okamoto, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
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