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Muslim, Vegan, Vegetarian Friendly Tokyo Banana Series!

Talking about souvenir from Tokyo, so it should be the popular Tokyo Banana.

Grapestone.Co, a company behind the famous Tokyo Banana, will launch Tokyo Banana ~ Almond Caramel Sand (which is muslim, vegan, and vegetarian friendly!) on March 15 available only at the Tokyo station!

The Almond Caramel Sand is the first 100% plant based sweets of the Tokyo Banana series in the history. As the name says, it is using mainly almond based ingredients to give a tasty and flavorful all plant-based sweets. With the concept “Umai Vegan” (delicious vegan), this sweets that can be enjoyed not only by vegan, vegetarian, and muslim, but also those with egg and dairy product allergies, health conscious, and other food restriction.

Despite of ingredients such as butter, dairy products, and white sugar, it is using the almond milk, sugar beet, the newly developed 100% plant based almond caramel with banana. Moreover, the roasted almond is added to give a crunchy texture as well as a tasty fragrant.


4 pieces 680 yen (with tax)
8 pieces 1,296 (with tax)

Where to Purchase

JR Tokyo station, in front of Shinkansen south transfer.

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