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The Most-Anticipated Halal Soup from the Well-Known Soup Stock Tokyo

The sale is temporarily stopped per confirmation on May 9th, 2022.

With the concept of “Soup for all!”, the Soup Stock Tokyo launched a chicken rendang soup that meets the food diversity, in order for Muslims can enjoy their flavorful soup.

The soup started on sale on February 17 at two shops; Shibuya Mark City shop and Hiroo shop.

Rendang is known as traditional Indonesian food with a flavorful spicy taste. Mostly it uses beef, but the Soup Stock Tokyo re-arrange the rendang by using halal chicken. The chicken rendang soup uses all halal ingredients.

Chicken rendang soup has a nice balance of sweetness and spiciness as it uses 9 kinds of spices, 2 kinds of herbs, and coconut milk. A taste that will make you addicted!

Allow yourself to enjoy the soup together with halal bread.

 When coming to the shop, don’t forget to take and show the card as shown in the picture below, so the staff will prepare your meal accordingly.


590 yen + tax (regular cup)

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Soup Stock Tokyo Shibuya Mark City branch

Soup Stock Tokyo Hiroo branch