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The Long-awaited Muslim-Friendly Sweets at the Tokyo Station

Assalamualaikum everyone!! My name is Amie from Food Diversity, Japan. Today I am at JR Tokyo Station. I was rushing to come here today as I heard they have started selling the Muslim friendly sweets souvenirs (not containing animal-derived ingredients and alcohol) since 25th February. Let’s check it out!

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The place is the red square shown on the map below:

The selling place is inside the station, you need to enter the ticket gate and the closest one is Marunouchi South Exit. Find the way to Shinkansen South Transfer Exit gate and the selling place is just right in front of it.

I found them! There are 3 companies selling 8 types of souvenirs.

Their concept is as below pictures. It is very suitable for Muslims as animal-derived ingredients and alcohol are not used.

Find this ‘Plant-Based JAPAN QUALITY’ mark in the product packaging! This mark is limited to selected products using vegetable-based-ingredients-only with Japan quality, managed and monitored carefully by JR East Japan Group (JR Tokyo Station).・The surprisingly delicious Japanese sweets despite only using vegetable derived ingredients
・Following ingredients DO NOT USE
①Animal derived ingredients
②Purified sugar from animal bones (or other animal parts)

I immediately tried buying the two below products:


(1)Tokyo Campanella Brown

①Price: from JPY 1,200 (tax included) for 8 pieces inside

②Contents: Three layers of slightly baked butter-free Langue de chat cookies, with milk-free chocolate in between. The mix of dough from wheat flour and 100% special sugar cane of Japan, made a perfect subtle sweetness which slightly spreads in your mouth.

③Manufacturer: I’ll Co., Ltd. (main products: Tokyo Campanella)

The western-based confectionery with chocolate yet milk-free makes it so precious. The crunchiness of the 100% wheat flour Langue de chat cookies and the sweetness of the chocolate inside, makes it so irresistible. Feel the deliciousness of the carefully selected ingredients!


(2)Las Olas Series: Matcha Cookie (6 types available including the matcha flavor)

①Price: from JPY 1,080 (tax included) for 10 pieces inside

②Contents: The rich fragrance of Uji Matcha Ayame is kneaded into the dough and softly baked. Enjoy the deep flavor and color of natural fragrance and taste of matcha! (no coloring agents)

③Manufacturer: Gateaux de Voyage (main products: Bashamichi Batei Pie)

The stylish packaging makes a perfect souvenir! Enjoy the moist texture of three types of cookies, refreshing taste of two types of ball-shaped sweets, and the crunchiness of Florentine (French type cookies). Explore the different tastes of each type, and all are Muslim-friendly products!


We had a chance to do the sample tasting for the following product:

Almond Caramel Sand (Tokyo Banana World)

①Price: from JPY 1,296 (tax included) for 8 pieces inside

②Contents: This is a very nice Caramel Sweets made from almond-scented caramel fully coated in roasted almonds and wrapped in almond-scented cookie dough. Another secret to its delicious taste is a faint gentle banana scent.

③Manufacturer: GRAPESTONE Co., Ltd. (main products: Tokyo Banana)

Great combination of a crunchy cookie with sweet moist caramel, and enjoy the rich taste of almond milk! It is wonderful to have vegan sweets of the classic Tokyo Banana. The sale will start on 15th of March, can’t wait!!

So I have tasted all these delicious products and I definitely recommend these to both my foreigner and Japanese friends as souvenirs from Tokyo! I also will buy some souvenirs when I go back to Indonesia. Of course, not only as souvenirs, if you happen to take transit at Tokyo station, I also strongly recommend these products as a reward for yourself to be favored during the trip!

So everyone, do not forget to stop by when you come to Tokyo station!

Launching Schedule

Starting from 25th February 2020


(1) In front of Tokyo station Shinkansen South Transfer Exit

(2) Nomono Tokyo branch (find this characters → のもの)

※ Other locations inside Tokyo station plan to sell soon