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Very suitable for Business meeting / Dine after work! Authentic Indian restaurant at first class district in Tokyo!

Akasaka, one of the most prestige districts of Tokyo is surrounded by countless number of skyscrapers is where the lots of the restaurants situates. But regarding to the restaurants serving Halal menu, there’s very limited options available to you.

Indian restaurant named “Zaffran Akasaka” is what we are going to introduce you all in this article today. This Indian restaurant locates at the place with super good access from Akasaka station (1min-walk from the station!), and prepares authentic Indian dishes to you.

To those who has Muslim colleague in your office or in need of preparing the lunch meeting with your Muslim clients, here is your place! (this is restaurant is enjoyable even to non-Muslims of course!)

Various types of seats!Both the Private/Business purpose are available at “Zaffran Akasaka”

Considering its location of “Asakasa”, The decor of the restaurant is a mixture of Indian essence and sophisticated modern style that even the office workers can dine with relaxed mood after work.

You can even choose the seating styles. Starting from the spacious table seats like the one in the picture below (Max: 20 ppl ), there’re also the tables seats suitable for party at the back of the restaurant (Max: 20 ppl ) and even the open seats at terrace (4~12 ppl ) are available for you! Thus, you can choose seating style depends on your purpose of your visit including having the Welcome/Farewell party, and seasonal gatherings here!

Spacious table seats

Don’t forget to check the meal! “Zaffran Akasaka” pays close attention to every detail of their meal!

Location, Usefulness, and the atmosphere of the decor. Every aspect is crucial for deciding which restaurant to dine for you , but we can’t skip the taste of the meal of course.

“Zaffran Akasaka” offers you the one of the best quality Indian dishes with their close attention of all the Indian restaurants exists in Tokyo.

Here we introduce you their 3 commitments to tasty dishes at “Zaffran Akasaka”!

We serve you authentic curry with our special spice blend imported from India!

You can enjoy dishes from South part of India, such as Dosa!

We serve you the best meat dishes seasoned with lots of our selective spices! We recommend you having mutton or lam better with those spices!

What do you think about the restaurant “Zaffran Akasaka” so far?
If you’re Muslim or not is not really a matter here, and what really matters here the best is the fact that if you’re seeking a good Indian restaurant near Akasaka station! Come and taste our authentic Indian at “Zaffran Akasaka” and you’ll love it!

Restaurant Information


2min-walk from Asakaka station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-line)
5min-walk from Tameikesanno station (Tokyo Metro Ginza-line)

Zaffran Akasaka

Opening hours
Lunch time 11:00~17:00 (L.O. 16:30)
Dinner time 17:00~23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
1F Akasaka Plaza Blg. 2-15-15 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Always open
Parking lot
No (A Coin-operated parking lot is available in the neighborhood)
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