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Praying in Tranquility at Aomori Airport

Aomori, a city in Aomori Prefecture known for its picturesque landscapes and cultural richness, has taken a remarkable step towards inclusivity by introducing a prayer room for Muslim visitors at Aomori Airport. This initiative, implemented in 2020, reflects the city’s commitment to becoming an international tourist destination that embraces various cultures and religions.

Aomori Airport

The prayer room, strategically located on the second floor near the food court, is a testament to Aomori’s open-mindedness and respect for diversity. Not only is it easily accessible, but it also provides a tranquil setting for prayer, encouraging a sense of connection and understanding among travelers from different walks of life.

One of the outstanding features of the prayer room is its thoughtfully designed facilities. The space is open to all with no locked doors, fostering a sense of welcome. The room is equipped with essential items such as Qibla mark, facilities for wudu, and two prayer mats, ensuring a comfortable and convenient environment for prayer.

For those unfamiliar with the layout, a detailed floor map is available for reference, making it easy for visitors to locate the prayer room within the airport premises.

Prayer room location

This initiative caters to Muslim travelers’ practical needs and signifies Aomori’s dedication to creating an atmosphere of unity and respect.

So, whether you’re passing through Aomori on a layover or planning a longer stay, take a moment to experience the warmth and inclusivity at Aomori Airport’s prayer room. It’s more than just a space; it’s a symbol of Aomori’s commitment to being a destination where all are welcome, regardless of their cultural or religious background.

As you explore the wonders of Aomori, let this airport be your starting point for a journey filled with cultural enrichment and understanding.