Exploring Plant-Based Wonders in Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea

As one of Japan’s most frequented theme parks, Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea enchants visitors with an extraordinary experience, boasting high satisfaction rates across services, attractions, shows, and merchandise.

Excitingly, both parks now cater to vegans, offering a delightful array of plant-based options!

Tokyo Disney Land: A Vegan Feast at Center Street Coffee House

Dive into the world of vegan goodness with the “vegetable stew with rice” at Center Street Coffee House in the World Bazaar area!

Center Street Coffee House

Introduced in October 2023, this menu option, part of the “low allergen menu,” stands as the sole vegan offering in the restaurant (as of our confirmation in December 2023). Priced at 1,580 yen, the dish features Baymax-shaped rice, a hearty stew with an assortment of vegetables, plant-based meats, broccoli, and simmered red ginger.

Vegetable Stew With Rice

Generous in portion, this flavorful stew provides the perfect sustenance for your park exploration. The light sweetness of the stew complements the umami of the vegetables, and the plant-based meats exceed expectations by maximizing the dish’s overall flavor.

For more variety, you can explore the Vegetarian Set at Eastside Cafe, also in the World Bazaar area, which is available from November 1, 2023, to March 29, 2024, at 2,600 yen.

Tokyo Disney Sea: Spicing Things Up at Casbah Food Court

Head to the Arabian Coast area and visit Casbah Food Court for the delectable Vegetable Curry!

Casbah Food Court

Available with medium spiciness, this curry is served with rice and naan, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. Ideal for vegetarians, the meal is easily identified by a leaf mark.

Vegetable Curry

Leaf mark beside the Vegetable Curry menu

The Vegetable Curry is the only vegetarian/vegan-friendly meal available in the restaurant, comes with a price of 840 yen.

Dining with Ease: Tips and Tricks

Navigating the crowds at Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea can be challenging, especially during peak times. Optimize your dining experience by shifting meals to early or late hours, reducing wait times to as little as 30 minutes, or, if luck is on your side, even 10 minutes.

Embrace the convenience of mobile orders through the Tokyo Disney Resort mobile app. From ticket purchases to meal orders, the app streamlines your park experience.

Experience the efficiency firsthand by trying the mobile order service at Casbah Food Court, allowing you to secure a seat and enjoy your meal without the need for queuing.

Embark on a vegan adventure at Tokyo Disney—where culinary wonders await beyond the fantasy!

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