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Explore the Revived Culinary Delights at Kyoto Station

JR West Japan Hotel Development Co., Ltd. announces the reintroduction of Halal menu offerings at Le Temps Café Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Hotel Granvia Kyoto, starting from November 1, 2023.

Halal Western-style bento. Source: Press Release

While Hotel Granvia Kyoto has been providing Halal menus since 2013, the service was temporarily halted due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Responding to numerous customer requests, the Halal menu service is now reinstated.

The halal menu provided is available in 5 options;

  1. Halal Western-Style Bento (¥6,000)
  2. Halal Hamburg Steak Bento (¥5,000)
  3. Grilled Halal Chicken (¥4,000)
  4. Halal Beef Fillet Steak (¥5,000)
  5. Halal Kids Plate (¥3,500)

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The reservation can be made by phone (direct line) to the restaurant on phone number 075-342-5525.

For reservations of 10 or more, please inquire in advance.

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Please note that there may be cases where the restaurant might be unable to provide the service, depending on factors such as procurement status and the availability of dedicated Halal tableware.

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