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Why do not you enjoy halal cooked fresh fish in Shizuoka?

Well-established restaurant, Sushi-dokoro Yamashichi, located in Shizoka Prefecture, which is famous for Fuji Mountain, started Muslim-friendly services. We interviewed Ms. Yamazaki, the owner’s wife of the restaurant.

1.What made you start Muslim-friendly services?
I learned about HALAL from participating in a seminar held by Shizuoka Prefecture, and started Muslim-friendly services while receiving advises from Muslims living in Japan from the hope of providing delicious meals to Muslim people.

2.Characteristics of the restaurant:
Dishes such as sushi made with fresh fish caught at Suruga bay and tuna from Shimizu with the most fish catch within Japan are popular, along with tempura and seafood deep-fried in breadcrumbs. I cherish local foods as “Food worker of Fuji no Kuni.” The udon and soba can also be served HALAL-friendly, so please let us know if you wish to have these. There is also a prayer space ready in the washitsu (Japanese-style room) on the second floor. The prayer mat hand-made by the landlady using old kimono is very popular. We receive comments from customers saying that it is fun just looking at it.
*We use HALAL vinegar and HALAL soy sauce for seasoning.
*We use separate cooking utensils for preparing HALAL menus.

3.Message to Muslims:
We are hosting customers while still learning about Muslim culture, but we believe quality time can be spent if we respect each other’s culture. We would be more than happy if you can relax here while getting in touch with Japanese culture. Please stop by, even if only for praying.

kitchenware, Ingredients, Seasonings are all Halal only


Prayers space is available on the second floor

This is a handmade prayer mat which reused Kimono.

The tourist information of the area


Opening Hours 11:00-21:00
Close Tuesday
Address 3-3-10 Kambara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 421-3203
Phone 054-388-2339
Halal Gourmet Japan

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