Mr Nurhaizal Azam Arif, PhD, a Muslim lecturer of Faculty of International Studies at Hiroshima University presented “Halal Business in Japan: Myth, Reality, and Way Forward” in the web seminar with the theme “Halal Industry After Covid 19: Opportunities and Challenges”, held by Bersama Institute, an educational Research Centre from Indonesia. Mr Nurhaizal explained in details about the current stage of halal businesses in Japan as well as on how to get into, and stay at the market after the pandemic.

To strengthen products and service competitive post-COVID19 in Japan, one of the ways is to go with the terms “food diversity”. “To get halal products more attention and to penetrate the bigger market in the world, we also can see (the halal products) from the perspective of vegan, kosher, allergy, and gluten-free”, he says.

Watch the full seminar below.