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Indonesia International Halal Lifestyle Conference

Indonesia International Halal Lifestyle Conference, in which the theme was Solution for Global Economy Revival, was held on 27 October 2020. Guest speakers and audiences joined this online event from all over the world.

Mr. Yokoyama, the co-founder of Food Diversity Inc., participated in the panel discussion session under the topic “Halal Food Industry and Global Market”. The discussion focused on Japan’s changes due to this pandemic, influences in the Halal food market, and business opportunities for Indonesian SMEs.

Mr. Yokoyama suggested promoting Halal products by selling as a “plant-based” product made in Asia than saying “Halal” product since the plant-based market is growing worldwide these days and this type of food is familiar in Indonesia as well.

One of the audiences asked Mr. Yokoyama how to spread Halal certified products in Japan. Then, he emphasized “We would better promote halal food as Asian food. Saying “halal certified” does not convince Japanese consumers since they are not familiar with it yet.”

In other panel discussion sessions, they discussed business support systems for SMEs and changes in the global supply chain under this pandemic in each country.