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Japan Food Diversity Inc ., Gave a Presentation to Japan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Suga

On 16th November 2020, the co-founders of Food Diversity Inc., Mr. Akihiro Shugo, and Mr. Shinya Yokoyama attended the 40th Tourism Strategy Promotion Council at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The meeting discussed the current state of tourism in Japan and the plans to restore it to its previous state before the pandemic. In this session, Food Diversity Inc. was asked to comment on how to tackle the issue of the increasingly diverse dietary necessities in Japan.

This is the first time that food has become the main theme of the council, and as the first international food-related media and consulting organization, Food Diversity Inc., received the opportunity to make direct proposals to the Prime Minister.

“Revitalization of different regions can be done by responding to the pressing demands for diverse dietary requirements,” says Mr. Shugo as he showed concrete strategies and measures to utilize food in restoring local areas, in line with the government’s current goal.

Based on today’s discussion, Prime Minister Suga shared, “It (Tourism Strategy Promotion Council) was an opportunity to reaffirm the potential of Japanese food. The government will work together to restore the tourism industry in the future.” The Japanese government shows an intention to respond to the importance of the diversity of food.

It is expected that the improvement for different dietary requirements such as halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and specific allergies promoted by Food Diversity Inc., will be in full swing in Japan in the future.