Muslim Career Meet-Up

Career Diversiy Inc. organized the event named “Muslim Career Meet Up Osaka” for Muslims who are looking for jobs or thinking of further careers in the Osaka area. We invited two Muslims who are already working in Japanese companies to let them share how they get to work in Japan and how they overcome their challenges as Muslims and foreigners. Career Diversity Inc., is aiming to help Muslims and foreigners to have a great experience in working in Japan.

Does Wagyu Cattle Drink Beer? Everything You Need to Know

There has been a lot of rumours about Japanese wagyu, from good to bad ones. One of the most popular rumor is about “Wagyu cattle are drinking beer to stimulate their appetite”, which might be one of the reasons that Muslims are very concerned about enjoying Japanese wagyu.

To resolve your concern, we interviewed Mr. Lee, a butcher specialist from a 120-year-old Kobe beef shop that distributes halal Kobe beef all over Japan.

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