Kyotango is a town that sits in the northern part of Kyoto facing directly to the Sea of Japan. If Kyoto remembers you with the traditional buildings and shrines with a beautiful cityscape, Kyotango with its rich nature brings you a new sight of visiting the Prefecture.

From the main Kyoto station, Kyotango can be reached by 2 hours ride by express train to the north. During the ride, you will be able to enjoy greeneries and a wide view of the train. Don’t miss to try the sightseeing train, the “Willer Train“! The train is known for a restaurant train, that allows you to enjoy drinks, snacks, and even purchase souvenirs inside the train while enjoying the view!

In Kyotango, there is a private inn that provides halal and vegetarian meals called “Umashiyado Totoya”. They are familiar with serving Muslim guests from Singapore. In the inn, you can have onsen and a lot of experiences such as hijab/scarf dying, wearing kimono, make a chirimen letter, etc.

In the city, you can find a Tateiwa, a huge black monolith that represents UNESCO Global Geopark, Blue cave, experience the sea kayak, and many more! From there, ride a boat at the Ine Bay and enjoy playing at the Amanohashidate View Land. If you are worried about the halal food when sightseeing outside, you can request a halal bento from Totoya.